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She’s six. SIX! While a six-year-old with the present ability and future potential to make you look like a downright fool is generally reason to get a lil’ anxious with heavy feelings of inadequacy, we’re in awe and damn excited to see what she does over the course of her surfing career, professional or otherwise.

According to ABC Open,the fearless Quincy Symonds started surfing when she asked her mother where her father was and was told he was out surfing. A stubborn kid, she waited at the house door for 45 minutes until her father returned. Upon his arrival, she implored him to let her go surfing with him. A couple years later, the Flying Squirrel (she once mimicked a flying squirrel by jumping off her dad’s “ute” or utility vehicle and was so convincing the nickname stuck) is widely considered among the best six-year-old surfer-skaters in the world, if not the best.

Gotta love her control of that top-turn she’s leaning into. Imagine what’ll come of that once she has more weight and muscle to throw into it. Born with complications that had her in intensive care units and still has her steroid-dependent, but now shredding — and there’s no denying that she is shredding — on the daily with pops. And it is clear that dad is PUMPED on his girl paddling out with him. These #AlohaFriday vibes have us smiling ear-to-ear.


  • Chad Bonsack

    Right on

  • bellafiglia

    Love it!

  • Elaine Fischer

    Kudos little sweetheart! My Granddaughter is 4 and she’s already got her own wet suit and is riding in on the waves on her board. I’m hoping she gets up and surfs, just like you sweetie pie! What an Inspiration! Keep up all your hard work, you can do anything!

  • gbradley

    Is there a connection between surfing and her health? Does surfing increase her cortisol levels?

  • E P

    awesome…surfing, skating,..life..she is going to shred. great story and great parents!

  • ZEUS

    wrong kind of steroids, genius.

    • Sophie Burton

      i don’t mean to rain on the parade but its increasing her adrenal levels, put any 6 year old on those and I’m sure they will be the best you’ve seen at anything. thats how we work

      • Sophie Burton

        there is obviously appreciation for what she is doing but there is no way it would be fair having her compete unless she is going within heats that have competitors that are at her level.

        • Zot OfKithairon

          the problem is ur assuming, ur far from any expert. on the flip side, she could die w/o them. i’m sure they’re just bring her to normal levels for a 6yr old. they obv don’t want their female child to have to deal w/ any terrible side effects as she grows

      • Erica

        Sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Actually I have Addison’s disease or a.k.a. Adrenal Insufficiency. The steroids I take are Hydrocortisone and Fludrocortisone. They only replace what the body does not produce on it’s own. It doesn’t give me any extra power or strength. I struggle with not feeling like a zombie (and not to mention sick) if my medications are not balanced.

        • Rex Lewis

          I struggle with that too, but don’t take meds for it. So your telling us that you notice a difference in your energy level when on the meds right? Well thats all we are talking about. The kid is jacked, look she took a big lungful of something before paddling out. Who cares anyway all pro athletes are doping.

      • mary swain

        Go back to school and get a Education. L.O.L.

  • ZEUS

    yep, vitamin D is a steroid as well. sounds like sophie burton should stay out of the sun unless she wants her body producing steroids. SMH

  • Jodi Wilmott

    This is awesome! So happy to hear her parents’ desire to let her grow and love surfing and skating at her natural pace. Nothing better than seeing kids be kids and love what excites them… and refreshing in today’s landscape where it can seem like everyone’s trying to raise a star. Wishing this family much fun and enjoyment from surfing… the rest is secondary.

  • mary swain

    The problem is we are not talking about your daughter we are talking about this beautiful little girl who has a bright future in maybe surfing♥

    • tanabutler

      Mary…it’s not a problem. There are many incredible little girls surfing, and happy parents, and there is no competition for attention to these beautiful beings. SMH!

      • kawenagarcia

        Thanks I was just putting it out there…. but I was in no way wishing any negative vibes to this special girl

  • mary swain

    O that’s a real good comet

  • mary swain


  • Joni

    @Mary Swain It is not bad to be a proud parent 🙂 If my kid was as the
    same as what the kid here then I would really shout it out to the world
    even if they don’t care 🙂 This kids are really lucky their parents are
    always there to support.

  • BARB


  • mary swain

    Please life is just to short God don’t like ugly so stop it.

  • Danila

    Wow!!!!! next world champ!!!!

  • BH

    this story was very cool to see. as a father and stepfather myself, it is heartwarming to see a dad and his daughter out surfing together. i don’t understand why people feel the need to TEAR OTHER PEOPLE DOWN. and why we have to argue about BEING RIGHT. this is a 6 year old, who is enjoying life. just enjoy the story. if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. there is already too much ugly, too much hurt and too much negativity in the world.

  • mary swain

    Smh to you too.

  • Toolndie59

    Great way for me to start my day . Thanks Quincy . And thanks to your Folks .

  • Rex Lewis

    go girl!

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