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Beth O’Rourke is a documentary filmmaker and writer. She recently graduated with honors after 18 years of service as a Creative Director in the advertising industry. Her latest project, SeaLevelTV, was founded with Jeff den Broeder with the aim of producing original, short format films that reach past the hype, into hidden corners of ocean-centric-culture. Beth has been a lifelong competitive athlete, beginning at eight when she beat almost everyone in her elementary school in the mile run — except for a boy named Michael. Later that month, she trounced him in a pull up contest. What followed was an enduring love of distance running, mountain bike racing, and surfing. Today, she is a member of Malibu Surfing Association’s competition team and rides for William Dennis Surfboards. When she's not reading, writing, shooting or researching new story ideas, she can be found in her old camper van, prowling the coast looking for empty left-handers with her eighteen year old cattle dog son, “The Hookenwekken”, and her exuberant, twelve year old human son, Jack.

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