Brigid Lally is a 23-year-old photographer from NYC. Her two greatest pulls have always been photography and the ocean. She can't imagine her life without either. Brigid's first word was "agua" but it seems photography was as close to second nature as it gets. Picking up a camera seemed like a logical extension of herself. Her call to the water is undeniable. She can’t live without it and she gets restless when not near it. If she's more than an hour from the ocean, Brigid feels claustrophobic. There’s something therapeutic about diving into water. There’s a release in it ... the respite of letting go and being so fully absorbed by something. Surf photography allows her to translate this feeling. She strives to capture the moments in between in her photographs. Brigid loves how the documented details of the lived individual experience can translate an emotion that can then be relatable.

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