My name is Celestyna, and I am a surfer, a yogini, a runner. I am RYT 200 Certified to teach yoga, and I love, love, love doing it! I specialize in bringing yoga to the corporate environment and in applying yoga as a tool to improve surfing. My favorite place to teach yoga is in the workplace - this is where the benefits of yoga are both very evident and very appreciated! :) I currently teach at Santa Monica Yoga, I offer Surfer Yoga workshops through Santa Monica Surfers, and I teach yoga for runners to the Full/Half Marathon Running Group, Sole Runners. I work as a Digital Conversion Strategist by day, and by night I think up things to do with SurfYogi, naturally. I live in the South Bay. My home break is El Porto but my first love is Hermosa Beach Pier. The thing that I am most passionate about? Sharing yoga and surfing. They both have immense power to help individuals rise up and be free. See more at

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