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Clinton was born in Ventura County and was raised in Ojai, just inland from famous surf spots like Rincon and C. St. Clint spent his early years sailing surfing and diving in the Channel Islands, but also spent quite a bit of time in the streams of the Ventura backcountry. His love for surfing and desire to study nature led him to UCSD and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla. Between trying to find his place in the lineup in the La Jolla reefs and 6 hour sessions at Blacks, Clinton eventually received both bachelors and master's degrees in Biology from UCSD and Scripps. Clinton studies coral reef ecology and is currently involved in a project that utilizes large scale imagery to study the factors influencing the spatial landscape on reefs. He also involved in an ocean awareness campaign that is utilizing the imagery his lab collects to educate surfers and non surfers about reef health.

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