The Summer after Cullen graduated from college he was fortunate enough to move out of the 909 and into a house on 40th Street in Newport Beach, CA. Remaining undaunted by the thousands who came before him and left Newport locals with a sour taste in their mouth toward the ‘desert people,’ Cullen began to integrate himself into the Newport surf culture snagging a coveted job at the SIMA Award Winning local surf shop, Surfside Sports. After denying his past as an I.E. dweller, Cullen was able to freely move within the surf industry holding down a few sales jobs, as well as a tech position at Rip Curl. For the time being, Cullen has found himself away from the ocean once again. However, in order to stay connected to the industry that he has grown to love, he began writing editorial pieces portraying his perspective on surfing. He hopes to find his way back to the beach in a timely manner, but for now he is enjoying his new hobby of writing.

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