When Northern California surf legend Richard “Frosty” Hesson was first approached by young Jay Moriarity in 1990, the skinny 12-year-old kid with a sparkle in his eye only wanted one thing from the icon: his help in becoming a better surfer. Hesson, an accomplished athlete, surf coach, and one of the first to conquer the huge waves off northern California known as Mavericks, recognized that the kid “had a vision,” so he humored him by assigning him the same training and strength-building routine he’d typically give any of his older students. Jay quickly demonstrated a resolve that reminded Frosty of his younger self, pursuing the difficult regimen with a seriousness far beyond his years. His positive attitude and relentless work ethic earned Frosty’s respect and, eventually, his friendship. MAKING MAVERICKS is the inspiring story of their lifelong bond and of the challenges that made each of them who they were – close as father and son, surf legends, and the subject of the upcoming Fox film “Chasing Mavericks.”

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