Jan is a filmmaker and longboarder. Born in Barcelona, Spain, he studied at the American Film Institute, where he got his masters degree in film production. Since then he has tried to balance his job and his passion, surfing. Jan has worked on films, commercials ,and documentaries for various clients around the world. A born observer, he learned early on to detect the dynamic fluxes that make everyday human behaviors, feelings and attitudes. His language skills allow him to work on international projects which expand his training, opening the way to his director work. His style is about telling stories with a camera, he wants to get to the innermost essence of people and what makes them unique, looking always to create opportunities for conversation, disconnection, reflection. By nature a quiet observer, his attitude towards film relates closely to his passion for surfing, skateboarding, and skiing ….observation, feeling, reaction, impulse, burst, energy, focus…. and though his visual universe is decidedly modern, he adorns it with a vintage twist that just gives it a touch of poetic dimension and authenticity.

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