I'm a walking contradiction. I like trucks, going to rodeos, poker, bird hunting, shooting the occasional sub machine gun, wide open spaces, and drinking whiskey with good friends. I also burn Nag Champa incense, meditate, collect shells when I walk on tropical beaches, and listen to the Grateful Dead. I love the Green Bay Packers, but have lived in California and Idaho for most of my life. I learned how to ski on an old trash dump in Wisconsin, but spent most of my childhood in the mountains of Idaho. I started kayaking because steep rivers frightened me. I started surfing because the ocean fascinated me. I love my home and my country, but continue to leave them for long periods of time. So there you have it. I'm a redneck-hippy who happens to be a wandering patriot and a Packer fan who eats pickles and cheese on triscuits.

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