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Noah Dundas now resides in Portland, OR but grew up surfing in Santa Cruz, CA during the heyday of the 90's with Flea, Ratboy and other various vermin. Being the 15th best surfer out of the group, he went off to the University to get some educating. After school he worked in public relations and various media ventures. However, during this process he came down with a mysterious muscle disease called Myositis that has severly disabled him and he had to retire. For the last 13 years he has struggled with this, but has been helping to raise his daughter and studying healing as well doing graduate work in Poetry with Norman Dubie at ASU and with legendary fiction writer Tom Spanbauer. Noah has written a novel, Kicking Out, which deals with environmental, spiritual and health issues. He has also started a blog/website called Cold Waters Press that covers surfing, the environment, writing, health and healing.

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