Nora grew up in Lake Tahoe, where she was an avid skier, snowboarder, wake boarder, rock climber, dancer and mountain biker. At 15, her family moved to Del Mar, CA where she was an ocean lifeguard, receiving advanced certifications in Scuba, Cliff, Helicopter, Zodiac, and Swift Water Rescue. She traveled the world for a year, surfing and studying with various yoga masters. Now she lives in Santa Barbara, where she runs her own fitness business. Working with clients ages 5-70 (weight training, yoga, sand workouts, standup paddle, hikes, sports-specific training, and nutrition/life coaching). She also continues to train at a high level for beach volleyball. She is GNC’s brand ambassador, serving as an educator to their customers on the topics of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle advice. Her first book in a series of fitness and nutrition related topics is scheduled for release this year.

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