I was about 14 and living in the waveless city of Adelaide when I found a copy of Surfing World. This chance meeting with as second hand, dog-eared magazine would change the course of my life. It was the beginning! I looked into the pages of that mag and was hypnotised. The photography was incredible, it sucked me deep into the blue/green barrels, I read this mag over and over and then I slowly began the mission of experiencing the beauty of the ocean. It was a year or so later when I rode my first green wall at a beach called Moana in South Australia. Even before that ride came to an end I knew this was going to be the life for me. I struggled on in Adelaide with my surf addiction for the next 5 years, doing the necessary long road trips to get my fix until my partner Sherrin and I packed up a little campervan and traveled around Australia. On our travels we picked the mid north coast (in New South Wales) as our new home. That was 14 years ago and I love this coastline more every day. I now run a daily surf photo website called

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