Torsten Durkan is a 24 year old, big wave surfer, and founder of Surfing Be Cause, the non-profit start up dedicated to raising money and awareness for environmental and humanitarian issues through surfing. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Torsten’s family moved to Maui at age 10, igniting a passion for everything ocean including surfing, kitesurfing, outrigger paddling, and spearfishing. While attending University of Hawaii on Oahu, Torsten worked for the Pacific Biosciences Research Center as a research assistant conducting conservation research. During this time, he developed his big wave obsession, where he received his BA degrees in Biology and Psychology and BS degrees in Waimea and Phantoms. After graduating in 2013 and subsequently moving back to Maui, he’s made Jaws and recently Nazaré his main theaters in the big wave scene. His outdoor hobbies in and out of the water solidified his love of the natural world and its importance to all of us. Currently, he divides his time between acting as a naturalist for the Pacific Whale Foundation doing reef tours and marine education talks to tourists and spreading the Surfing Be Cause message of advocacy and positivity.

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