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It’s been a long obstacle-ridden road for NLand Surf Park. Recall the lawsuit and hurdles to get the park open in the first place. Then, just about a month after the park’s grand opening, it was forced to shut down because of a tear in the lining of the lagoon, flooding neighbors’ property.

Now, six months after closing down for repairs, NLand staff announced the park will finally reopen to the public Friday, May 12.

“Spearheading innovative technology is not for the faint of heart,” said Doug Coors, NLand’s Founder and CEO in a press release. “The response from the global surf community has been humbling and we are eager to showcase our updated lagoon and amenities for 2017.”

Apparently, while the park was closed NLand staff decided to make some additions including a new “boogie bay” area exclusively for body boarders, and an altered shoreline to “give spectators a more intimate view of the action in the lagoon.”

Members of the general public familiar with Surf Snowdonia’s issues in the UK are likely cautiously optimistic about the grand reopening. Surf Snowdonia, the UK surf park leveraging the same Wave Garden technology as NLand, was forced to close its doors citing mechanical issues in August 2015, shortly after its opening. The park then reopened and was forced to close again due to a tear in the lining of their lagoon, similar to NLand.

According to NLand staff, those affected by the park’s closing last fall were fully refunded in November and given priority to rebook sessions this spring before the general public.


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