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Stephanie Gilmore showering in Roxy Pro trailer

Showering before surfing? The ASP World Tour’s Roxy Pro trailer has sparked some controversy.

The Inertia

The video trailer for the Roxy Pro Biarritz definitely opens up conversation about the role of female surfing in advertising. The Inertia and Surfer Magazine published an opinion piece about the video, while professional surfers, both men and women, are commenting via social media with their thoughts.

Would this go down in the WNBA? Is the video breaking any stereotypes? Since when do surfers shower before jumping in the ocean? Sure, girls just wanna have fun, but is this fueling the fire? 

There’s no doubt that the ASP World Tour athletes train endlessly for more than just a few laughs, giggles and shower scenes – they are out there to win a competition. Women who are talented enough to make the WCT are inspiring because they are strong and powerful athletes. They are role models for young women, surfers and non-surfers, whether they realize it or not. Roxy has been a dominating force in female athletics for years–promoting an active lifestyle, female empowerment and encouraging women to paddle out. What do you think this video accomplishes?

Check out the Roxy Pro trailer, and comment below with your thoughts.

Watch the live webcast for the Roxy Pro Biarritz:


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