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The Inertia

“Let’s hang out and do some heel flips later.” It’s possible somebody in the world once said those words in that exact order with complete sincerity. It’s possible. Jonah Hill, however, is one of the only guys in Hollywood to pull off dropping a line like that in such hilarious fashion. And I think he just became the funniest skater ever as a result.

Palace, a UK based skateboard label and Reebok released this commercial with the Academy Award nominated actor earlier this week. He’s simply sharing the hype on some good looking shoes as he casually, and oh so naturally strolls through a skate shop.

Hill is a pretty big fan of skateboarding, so this wasn’t just a one-off disingenuous collab. The dialogue is a hilarious take on a culture he does appreciate, and the top notch green screen effects are of the highest production value. You go, Jonah. This is your best work since that Oscar nom for The Wolf of Wall Street.


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