The Inertia for Good Editor

The Inertia

Waterproof phones are completely necessary for people who can’t handle their liquor and let a night of binge drinking turn into a $600 hungover stroll to the At&t store on Sunday morning. That and people who drop their phones in toilets (which is probably the same product of that binge drinking anyway). But Apple’s not about to say they’re giving you a toilet dunk safe phone. Either way, the release of their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ has had the world abuzz thanks to that whole “what do we do with no headphone jack” dilemma and the “yay, now I can leave my phone in the toilet” relief.

This also brings an obvious opportunity for those who’d like to bring their phone into the lineup. Some people will hate it, many will risk looking foolish, but it’s going to happen. So Square Trade, a company that insures phones and other devices, decided to have Kai Lenny test the merits of these waterproof claims. Kai not only tested four different iPhones while surfing, he apparently manages to catch a few clips of The Endless Summer while in the lineup, a fact that doesn’t seem to show up in the results sheet.


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