Hawaiian Air

Photo: Hawaiian Air

The Inertia

A few weeks ago, Bob Hurley and Kelly Slater very publicly called out Hawaiian Airlines about their bogus board bag fees. Simply put, it caught fire. Surfers and non-surfers alike came together at the gates of the airline’s social media drawbridge with pitchforks and torches, accusing the airline of unfair and excessively priced board bag policies.

“This topic just baffles me,” Kelly wrote. “@hawaiianairlines should rectify their policy. It’s ridiculous and a default profit racket. They made over $70M last year in oversize/overweight baggage charges.”

Overwhelmed with the negative feedback, the airline replied. And it seemed to only make things worse, as their reply was really nothing more than, “Sorry, what are you going to do about it?” Someone took it so far as to start the online petition, Tell Hawaiian Air to be Fair About Surfer’s Bag Fees!.

Today, nothing’s blown over. Surfers are still upset. And since Hawaiian Airlines shows no sign of letting up, people are simply opting to travel through a different carrier. Oahu’s Eli Olson took to Instagram today to bid farewell to the Hawaiian airline for good.

Will others follow suit? Or will Hawaiian Airlines give in and change their policy?


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