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While the general public isn’t often made aware, skateboarding is the number one cause of Maple tree deforestation, with over two million trees cut down to produce boards. That’s led to many entrepreneurs stepping into the market over the years with alternative materials like bamboo, but a new eco-friendly brand believes they have the best solution yet.

Capsule, advertising a board made of 100% recyclable materials on their crowdfunding page, also claims to have made a board that is low impact on the knees and bodies of skaters, as well as being virtually unbreakable and waterproof. Their improved materials, they say, allows faster sliding and higher pops according to their promotional video. The company was founded two years ago, hitting dead-ends and snags along the development road. Ultimately, they created something they say is six times stronger than traditional wooden boards. Of course, their main motive was setting out to build an alternative board that would dramatically reduce the industry’s impact on the natural environment.

Capsule plan to defy the market for current skateboards, hoping to eventually use modern technology by installing sensors in their boards that can track rides and measure the stress put on the board and body.

Capsule Skateboards will offer two types of boards according to their crowdfunding campaign: a typical skateboard $75 and a longboard model for $125.


Learn more about Capsule Skateboards on their Facebook page.

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