New permits are going to drastically change what the Surf Ranch looks like. Image: Screenshot

Forecast: Good-to-epic. Image: Surfline

The Inertia

Sorry to rub it in again. I assume by now if you’ve kept up with our coverage of all things Kelly Slater Wave Pool (aka Surf Ranch), you’re well aware that several months ago Zach and I had the opportunity to surf the place for ourselves with a few other surf media keyboard mashers. I mention it only to bring up one piece of information that struck me, but that we did not include in our coverage. In the locker room of the Surf Ranch, there’s a little chalkboard that reads “Forecast” and along with air and water temp info, prevailing wind, etc. the board reads “4-6ft. good to epic.” I rolled my eyes when I first saw that, and I roll my eyes again now thinking about it.

Well, recently it came to my attention that Surfline has left users a little Easter egg in their app that is as funny as it is smug given how exclusive the Surf Ranch is and what we know about the cost (for the moment) to ride it: $9500! They have a forecast for Surf Ranch that will forever read 4-6ft GOOD TO EPIC.

“Pretty similar to the past several months this morning with the inconsistent one wave sets,” writes forecaster Kurt Korte. “Conditions are clean without a drop of water out of place. Both the rights and lefts are working with the occasional barrel showing through the inside section.”

The short-term forecast is pretty good too:

“Pretty much a slam dunk forecast for this afternoon with the occasional right and left both offering good surf when the waves do show. N to NW winds will add a bit of onshore texture, especially on the left towards midday and into the afternoon. Even so, it will be better than anything in your backyard if you can sneak a few waves off the locals.”

Photo: Screenshot

No tide info is available, because: duh!

Tune in to Surfline see what the rest of the forecast for Lemoore looks like.


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