The Inertia

Coral Cuts is a series that features interviews with some of the Top 34 surfers. Check out Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith, Julian Wilson, Adrian Buchan, Matt Wilkinson, Brett Simpson and Mick Fanning being open, honest and funny. Add great surfing from Bali, the Gold Coast, Teahupoo and Hawaii, a smattering of beautiful girls, some epic moral dilemmas and you have surfing’s most original, independent and hilarious series.

Episode 2 features such quotes as:

Parko: “I’d rather a penis for a nose than a nose for a penis.”


Yadin Nicol: “I hate what I have seen on tour the for last five years. It’s f*cked.”

Julian Wilson: “I’d rather be an man trapped in a woman’s body.”

Plus Ace talks and surfs us through France, Jordy loves front foot deck grip and Seabass and Perrow go to head-to-head in a surf trivia quiz.

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