The Inertia

So it turns out seals are avid (and somewhat aggressive) cuddle monsters. As shown by a San Diego seal in particular, seals don’t seem to discriminate with whom they choose for snuggle partners. This little critter went for an interspecies cuddle sesh when he hopped aboard a man’s boat and proceeded to nuzzle his shoulder profusely.

Seals have been called “water doggies” or the “dogs of the sea,” but this just confirms the connection. The seal in the video acts more like a Golden Retriever than a feral animal of the sea. Little is known about what the animal’s intentions were, though the Internet is full of speculations – Perhaps he lost his parents and was looking for a surrogate father? Maybe he was seeking refuge from a predator? Or he possibly had just had enough with other seals and sought friendship from another kind?

Either way, the man’s reaction to his new friend is priceless. As he takes a selfie video, his explanation of the situation is pure gold, punctuated by bouts of giggly laughter. “Here’s my new friend…heheheh…snuggles right against my back…heheh…anybody looking for a seal?…hehehe…I seem to have acquired one.” No word on the current state of the two’s relationship, but we really hope they went on to have many wild and crazy adventures together.

In other seal news, a UK-based seal that was rescued by a group of cows, was released back to the sea. That’s just another instance that proves seals are specialists at interspecies friendships. And there was also the sad tale of a seal being brutally chomped by a shark off of Alcatraz island. RIP to that poor water pup. Let’s just be thankful that the seal in the above video was far luckier.


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