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You get to the campsite. Friends, check. Tents, check. Fire pit, check. Firewood? Uh oh. It’s big and burly, and it needs choppin’.

Fret not, friends. We’ve teamed up with Toyota RAV4 Adventure Grade to release Essential Outdoor Stuff, a quick, irreverent guide to doing outdoorsy stuff you should definitely know how to do. We’ve covered how to make a proper campfire and a sophisticated s’more. Today, we chop wood.

1. First, safety never takes a holiday. Wear gloves, choppin’ boots, and eyewear for safety.

2. Find a flat surface. A flared stump will do just fine.

3. Place your dominant hand on top.

4. Ready, aim, and give it a chop.

Editor’s Note: Essential Outdoor Stuff is presented by Toyota RAV4 Adventure Grade. 


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