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Not “alternative facts.” Photo: New York Magazine

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Someone with access to Badlands National Park’s Twitter account defiantly tweeted facts about climate change after President Donald Trump ordered all of the National Park Service to stop using the social media site.

Badlands National Park posted several scientific facts Tuesday morning. Those tweets subsequently disappeared from the South Dakota park’s Twitter account, but thankfully journalists took screenshots while they
were still up.

Badlands officials are blaming an ex-employee who apparently had access to the park’s account.
Trump ordered the NPS to stop using the social media site the day after his inauguration, apparently because the main parks service Twitter account posted about the lack of crowds at the event last Friday.

On his personal Twitter account, Donald Trump in 2012 stated that he believes that “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese.”


Another of the park’s erstwhile tweets from this morning. Photo: New York Magazine

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