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The Inertia

It’s dumping in Jackson Hole! I headed up the Teton Pass for some dawn patrol action with the Mad Trees crew and scored some bottomless blower pow. Stay tuned for more from our squad as the week continues – things will only get more epic from here!

This is also your official reminder that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort opens in two days on Thanksgiving. Chatter around town is that this will be the most epic opener in quite some time. I’ve been blown away at just how deep and stable the snowpack is around the Tetons for this time of year, and it’s only going to get better. (Obviously, despite the promising conditions, good decision-making in the backcountry is paramount. Know the risks, read the avy report, and dig a snowpit before you get after it!)


In case this wasn’t enough to convince you to drop everything and head to Wyoming, we can confirm that there is more snow in the forecast. The National Weather Service has hoisted a Winter Storm Watch for the area starting tonight, with anywhere between one to two feet expected!  It looks like a classic Teton dumper: a cold area of low pressure and strong jet stream aloft are pushing into the area tonight and are packed with ample dynamics and moisture. Cha-ching!!!


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