The Inertia

Most jellyfish drift aimlessly with the ocean’s current; these jellyfish hunt. Most jellies are brainless lumps of primitive goop; these ones have a brain and over 20 all-seeing eyes. Most tentacles deliver a small and harmless sting; these ones will kill you in two minutes.

It’s no surprise that the Box Jellyfish is one of the most feared ocean-dwelling predators out there. Unlike sharks or deep-sea giant squids, the Box Jellyfish can be small, hard-to-see, and deadly from a tiny touch.

Above you’ll see Australian professor and the world’s only jellyfish fetishist Jamie Seymour, a madman marine biologist who willingly picks up Box Jellies in the name of science. His objective for the video above (apart from scaring you away from the ocean forever) is to show just how spectacular this animal at the bottom of the evolutionary tree can be. They can swim at the speed of an Olympic athlete and they actively hunt. And any contact with them without an antidote? You’ll be dead in two minutes. That’s not bad for an animal made up of 96% water.


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