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You likely know Kimi Werner as the acclaimed Hawaiian freediver and underwater huntress who once had an intimate encounter with a great white shark. “She realized that we were both two predators and we just started swimming together,” Werner told us of that experience a few years back. The statement alone is the very embodiment of her badassery.

Werner’s occupation is such that she spends as much time as humanly possible beneath the ocean’s surface sans oxygen, communing with the creatures of the deep. Growing up on rural Maui, Werner’s pursuits are just an extension of the way she and her sister were were raised – saying on her personal website she remembers floating behind her father as he “freedove for her family’s primary food source.”

Both Kimi and Christy Werner may have both grown up constantly immersed in the waters off Maui, but according to Kimi the two haven’t had the chance to dive together and explore the ocean since they were kids.


That changed recently when both got re-certified in scuba for a sisterly exploration of the depths. The coup de grace? A nighttime show put on by manta rays, or as Kimi describes it, “A really polite, well-behaved underwater rave.”


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