Island Earth, a 63-minute documentary-style film, tells the tale of indigenous scientist Cliff Kapono and his struggle for truth between science and tradition as he enters an industry that many feel is threatening his homeland of Hawaii. His complex journey through the inner workings of GMO chemical companies and traditional Hawaiian elders reveals ancient values that can likely save our future.

How are we going to feed the world without destroying the planet we live on?

Island Earth brings this question to life by taking us to Hawaii – “ground zero” for GMOs where all of our modern-day food issues collide in sharp relief. Less than two centuries ago, native Hawaiians fed their population through some of the most historically sustainable agricultural practices ever documented. Yet modern-day Hawaii now imports 80-90% of its food supply from elsewhere in the world, due to a complex web of public policy and private interests. Within two generations, the Hawaiians have become the “canaries in the coal mine” for GMO farming.

This film captures our moment in time, where two separate paths are being forged at once: one that builds upon the past in the name of progress, and the other that rejects the past in the name of progress.

Island Earth will begin touring the West Coast on April 6th. For a complete list of upcoming screenings, click here. They are also listed below.

Individuals are able to host their own screening of Island Earth at their local theatre, school or environmental organization. Please click here to learn more.

Island Earth will be available to the public in late June through iTunes and other VOD platforms.

West Coast Tour Schedule:

April 6th: La Paloma back to back screenings with pre-party at Patagonia Cardiff (San Diego)- pre party 5:30pm, Screenings 6:30pm & 9pm

April 7th: The Ecology Centre screening (San Juan Capistrano)- 5pm picnic dinner, 7pm screening

April 8th: Aloha Beach Club (San Diego) – Doors open 7pm, Screening 8pm

April 9th: Bird’s Surf Shed screening (San Diego)- 6pm

April 12th: FEAST screening at Occidental College (LA) -3pm

April 13th: USC mini film fest screening (LA) -5pm

April 14th: Chris Burkard Studio screening (Pismo Beach) 7pm

April 22nd: Ojai Women’s Club Earth Day screening (Ojai) 1pm

April 22nd: Froggy’s Earth Day event (Topanga) 6pm

April 25th: Sawyer Supply screening (Santa Cruz) -7pm

April 26th: CLIF Bar HQ screening (Emeryville) -7pm

April 27th: Roxie Theatre screening (San Francisco) -7pm

April 28th: Proof Labs screening (Mill Valley) -7pm

April 29th: Traveler surfstore screening (Pacifica) – 6:30pm doors open, screening 7pm

April 30th: Guayaki HQ screening at cafe (Sebastopol) -6:30pm doors open, screening 7pm

May 4th: Patagonia Santa Monica screening (Santa Monica) -7pm

May 7th: Halfcourt Studios x Leeward Surf screening (Portland) -7pm

May 9th: Patagonia Portland screening (Portland) -7pm

May 11th: Patagonia Seattle screening (Seattle) -7pm

May 15/16th: Tofino screening time TBC

May 18th: Patagonia Vancouver screening (Vancouver) -7pm

May 19th: Victoria, BC Coastline Surf 7pm


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