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Mother Nature can be extraordinarily cruel. Life requires death, which, for most of us living in our comfortable comes and buying our meat conveniently packaged from the store, can be a hard thing to stomach. But it’s a necessity in the real world, and in the video shared above, shot in the Sea of Cortez by The Malibu Artist’s Carlos Gauna, we get a brutal look at it.

“[The Sea of Cortez is] an amazing place where the unexpected always happens,” Gauna wrote. “This time, I stumbled upon a pod of Orcas that had just drowned a dolphin.”

Killer whales often engage in very intelligent hunting practices. In colder climates, they work together in coordinated attacks, creating waves that can knock potential prey off floating ice chunks. They’re some of nature’s most efficient hunters, and in this particular case it appears they drowned a dolphin, then, as Gauna says, “paraded it around for an hour. It’s an example of how beauty can also be brutal.”


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