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Carlos Gauna really likes great white sharks. So much, in fact, that he spends every minute he can spare looking for them with his drone. He often releases his stunning footage on his YouTube channel, the Malibu Artist. And in his most recent clip, he captured something that might be, to a lot of people, pretty frightening.

“Normally people will go into the ocean not thinking that there’s a shark near them,” he says. “But often there is. Here’s a perfect example of it. These kids are just swimming. They have no idea that there’s a shark near them until they see my drone. You can see them react to my drone, then one of them looks underneath the drone and sees that there’s a shark.”

The kids reacted well — not panicking, but simply leaving the area calmly. The shark, as they often do, simply turns around and heads for deeper water. That’s because sharks aren’t the soulless man-eaters that they’ve been made out to be.

See more from Carlos Gauna on his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram.

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