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Cinematographer Aaron Lieber Discusses the State of Surf Filmmaking

Aaron Lieber’s Unstoppable is undoubtedly the best Bethany Hamilton documentary made to date. Photo: Courtesy Aaron Lieber

The Inertia

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Making surf movies is tough in this modern era. There’s no easy way around it: egos have to be tamed, sponsors have to be satisfied, and these days, with teams spread all over the globe working for different brands, lining up athletes and getting them on the same schedule is like trying to tame wild bulls in a Spanish side street – do so at your own peril.

Despite his relatively young age, Aaron Lieber is a grizzled vet in the surf filmmaking industry. He’s worked with giant brands, the world’s best surfers, created beautiful work, and come out the other side better for it all. His credits include 2008’s The Pursuit, Lakey Peterson’s Zero to 100 (among others), and last year, he released the preeminent Bethany Hamilton documentary Unstoppable. 

But Aaron has evolved well beyond the surf industry, recently working on more mainstream projects with iconic athletes like the Los Angeles Rams’ Aaron Donald. So the man has a wealth of experience to draw from. We talked with Aaron about his own progression as well as the state of surf filmmaking. And he had a lot to say about where we were, where we are, and where we’re going.

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