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We love all the photos that make their way into our inboxes each day as much as we love the photographers capturing them. If you’ve noticed this year, we’ve been taking a little bit of time to dig through the archives and reminisce about some of our favorites every 30 days. It’s a cool moment for us to flip to a new page on this 2018 calendar we’re honestly blasting right through.

We could tell a story about each of these photographers and each gallery we published this month, but it was an email from now-former Naval Officer Rich Brooks that reminded us of something special about The Inertia and its 2,000+ contributors. In 2014, Rich had started taking photographs with his iPhone in a waterproof case. “I sent my brand new (and in hindsight very rough) portfolio to a number of surf media outlets,” he wrote. “The Inertia was the only one to get back to me about publishing some of my images. I was so stoked to see someone show interest in my work and it gave me the confirmation I was looking for to pursue photography.”

To bring it all full circle, Rich recently took a leap of faith and is now a full-time professional photographer fresh off a trip to Iceland with Chris Burkard. And while we know it’s his talent that made it all happen, we honestly couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a success story like this.

So a million thanks go out to all you contributing and future-contributing photographers out there. You crazy people make looking back on every 30 days pretty great. And now that we’ve gone fully sentimental on you, enjoy a few of our favorites from April.


Editor’s Note: If you would like to contribute to The Inertia, please send us an email. For photographers, please include a link to your work, and if you’d like to submit a gallery it’s best to send twenty captioned images sized at 1200 x 695 px. Please include a brief bio, a headshot, and any relevant social media handles where you share your work. 


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