Compulsive Photographer

The Inertia

As far as I remember, I always took photographs. That being said, I never thought to become a photographer. It was just a way to capture things in front of me and show them from my point of view. My mind has always been like a visual milkshake composed of all the elements I’m exposed to visually or emotionally in my life — photography was and is the easiest tool I’ve found to get that out. I’m terrible with a pencil!

Iceland was not only a personal project, but also a personal challenge. My two latest trips were New York and Tokyo, so I wanted something different… less urban, and less people, something outside my comfort zone. Iceland was perfect.

I was excited to create something different, gathering new visuals.  I needed to come back with something I would be happy to share. I started thinking and making some plans about what I would experiment there.

In the end, I didn’t do anything I planned. I didn’t play with long exposure. I didn’t use my neutral density (ND) filter. And the only time I used my tripod was at night when I finally found myself shooting landscape like I would capture the atmosphere of Manhattan. The only difference is that I needed to find a scale. Those infinite space were huge and breathtaking, and I needed to be able to frame them completely while also capturing that surprising effect they give you, like when you discover them at the end of a road, behind a mountain, at the exit of a tunnel.


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