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One of the best parts about surfing is the fact that it’s so conducive to traveling. It gives you (as if you needed one) an excuse to take a trip. It’s a surf trip. You have to go. It’s part of the mystique, part of the fun… it’s a big part of the whole thing. It’s not just waves. Surfing is leaving. Surfing is looking. Surfing is finding.

Here, we’ve compiled twelve destinations you may not have considered before that might be worth exploring. Enjoy. And please, leave. Look. Find. And suggest a wild destination below to win $200 worth of gear from Howler. They’ve got your back.

-Alexander Haro, The Inertia Associate Editor

And congratulations to last month’s winner, quality surf toys, on his suggestion for 5 Tips: An Amateur’s Guide to Spearfishing. Check out the rest of the Call of the Wild Series. It’s good stuff.




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