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Get used to us sharing this sentiment at the end of every month: “Freaking February’s over now???” 2018 is flying by.

Nonetheless, things are pretty good. And one of the ways we like to remember that simple fact each month is by taking a quick jaunt through some of the photos we receive from all over the world. In fact, it might have been Jersey’s Andrew Reiss who summed it up best for us this month: “It’s cool to see every photographer’s unique perspective,” he said, “as we each have a different eye for the same thing.” Simple but true. We can all look at the same wave and somehow see something different, which is a pretty profound and awesome way to think of the mindsurfing fodder these talented folks share with us all.

We had some highlights from the Big Wave Tour’s first run at Nazaré, a photographer who stockpiled the nearly extinct infrared film for a unique twist on surfing lifestyle shots, a guy who figured his winter was over until an impromptu road trip through France produced some pumping waves and a few beautiful shots, and plenty of other cool moments in February. So yeah, overall, things are good. Here’s to hoping March is even more rad for all of you.



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