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Vuori Transit Joggers on Cliffside Sunrise

Great joggers sacrifice nothing when it comes to comfort or style. We tested the following products over the past two-plus years. Results below. Photo: Vuori

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A great pair of joggers is a revelation. Plain and simple. In the post-pandemic era joggers have become much more than what they used to be. Where sweatpants have historically been reserved for after dinner or a lazy Sunday morning, like it or not their sophisticated sibling, joggers, have become a staple of waking life. In the work-from-home age joggers are a 24-7 uniform for the digital workforce.

If you’re a remote or hybrid worker, chances are you’ve purchased a pair since things became more home-centric. You may have received a pair as a gift, and, if you’re like us, you might have wondered, “If I’m going to work from home, what is the most comfortable outfit I can possibly wear while maintaining a modicum of self-respect (and professionalism)?” The uncomfortable armor of hard pants and a button down shirt that remind you to keep alert are optional for the remote office. Instead, comfortable joggers are the daily go-to. We got our hands on the best joggers of 2024 to give them a head-to-head test and give you our top picks. For more information on the results, as well as what to look for in a good pair of joggers, check out our Comparison Table and Buyer’s Guide.

The Best Men’s Joggers of 2024

Best Overall Joggers: Vuori Ponto Performance Jogger
Best Value Joggers: Original Use Casual Jogger
Best Joggers (Runner-Up): Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant
Most Stylish Joggers: Vuori Sunday Performance Joggers
Best Joggers for Working Out: Nike Yoga Dri-Fit
Dressiest Joggers: Vuori Transit Jogger

Best Overall Men’s Joggers

Vuori Ponto Performance Pant ($98)

men's joggers

Fit: Relaxed
Inseam: 29″
Fabric: 89% recycled polyester, 11% elastane
Features: Zip pockets, sustainable materials

Pros: Insanely comfortable, soft, great waistband
Cons: Feels weird with a phone in the pocket, fairly casual style

The Vuori Ponto Performance Jogger is the most comfortable garment available on the market. Full stop. There’s no break-in period. Rip open the bag. Rip off the tags. Put them on. Once they’re on, our tester noticed two things. First, they are absurdly soft on the skin. This is on account of Vuori’s trademark Dreamknit fabric. We try hard to maintain a callous shell impervious to marketing speak, so catchy phrases like “Dreamknit” usually induce a gag reflex. But they nailed it. Vuori describes Dreamknit as an “ultra-soft, brushed stretch performance knit made with recycled material.” Bullseye: The fabric is dreamy and soft.

The second thing is that the waistband is flawless. The key to great joggers, friends, is a great waistband. Too tight, and we’ll eye them with hesitation 100% of the time. Those joggers stay tucked tight in the dresser. Too loose, and you risk an unwelcome reveal. Vuori’s elastic waistband distributes tension over two vertical inches of height across the circumference of the waist, and it’s perfect.

The Vuori Ponto Performance Jogger also includes zippered side pockets and one zippered pocket on the butt. Those zippered pockets serve practical functions that have certainly prevented dropping a wallet or keys. An iPhone also fits in the pocket, but the elasticity of the material makes the phone feel very heavy. It sags a bit and feels like it’s on the cusp of being too heavy of an object to store in the pockets of these joggers.

Which leads to the only noteworthy limitation of the Vuori Ponto Performance Joggers: they lean casual. They’re more appropriate for a night on the couch than at a bar, because they don’t have much structure. The fabric skews thin and stretchy. Don’t get us wrong, they’ve held up excellently over nearly two years. No issues with durability. But, if you’re wanting joggers that have a more elevated aesthetic, more taper, and will fit in more seamlessly at (insert trendy coffee shop), these aren’t it. We’d suggest the Sunday Performance Jogger, which elevates on style where it compromises in comfort. The tag issues a challenge: “We dare you to take it off.” Their challenge is difficult to win. While the price tag is spendy ($98 at the time of review), the Ponto Performance Jogger is the king of comfort. It’s a treat-yourself kind of purchase that will feel justifiable after wearing them 200-ish times a year.

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Best Value Joggers

Original Use Casual Fit Taper Joggers ($22)

men's joggers

Fit: Taper with a casual fit
Fabric: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
Features: Pockets

Pros: Soft and comfortable
Cons: Sizing isn’t consistent

Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with the basics. Even better, sometimes great products aren’t needlessly expensive. After spending a lot of time in a wide variety of joggers across the spectrum with regard to price point and technology, it’s hard to knock the Original Use Jogger Pants from Target. They’re great. While they may not have an expensive logo imbued with brand identity, they’re nearly interchangeable with our top pick when it comes to comfort.

The Original Use Joggers sport an 80/20 cotton/polyester fabric, which offers the right mix of flexibility and comfort. They also have a more tapered fit with ankle cuffs, so they’re more capable of dressing up than the Ponto Performance Pant. The waist band isn’t quite as sophisticated as more expensive options, but it’s thoughtfully designed and leans a bit more heavily on the sensitivity of the drawstring rather than the flexibility of the material.

One meaningful strike against Original Use’s Joggers: The products are not consistent in size and fit. Upon realizing how great these joggers are, our tester ordered two more identical pairs. After all, you can essentially buy five (!) pairs of Target joggers for the price of one pair of Vuori Ponto Performance Joggers. That said, one of those three pairs of Target Joggers that he ordered fit horribly. It was as if it was cut and sewn together by a completely different company, which gave him pause in ordering more. That said, our tester has two pairs that cost a total of $40 that he loves. In that sense, if you’re budget conscious or appreciate great value, it’s hard to do better than Target’s Original Use Joggers.

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Runner-Up Best Joggers

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant ($78)

men's joggers

Fit: Tailored
Inseam: 32”
Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% “stretch”
Features: Black-ribbed ankle cuffs, four pockets

Pros: Dressier jogger, tapered cut, four pockets
Cons: Require short break-in period, fabric slightly heavy

The Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant is a close runner-up. They’re extremely comfortable and slightly dressier on account of a heavier fabric, tapered cut, and back-ribbed ankle cuffs. The Ace fabric is a micro-brushed french terry, which feels like an elevated, softer, stretchier cotton. While the Ponto Performance Joggers feel like a hug the moment you put them on, Mack Weldon’s Ace Sweatpants require a short break-in period. They’re slightly stiffer with more structure than the Ponto Performance Pant. The fit is more of a payoff, like the Rainbow Sandals of Joggers, an earned privilege where a few washes and some wear makes a huge impact.

Because the fabric is slightly heavier and less breathable, they feel slightly dressier than others in the category. They also have four pockets. Two hand pockets, and two zippered pockets (one on the butt and a stash pocket on the thigh.) At $78, they’re also a big purchase, but they’re comfy and were our tester’s go-to jogger until the Ponto Performance Pant entered his life.

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Most Stylish Joggers

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger ($98)

men's joggers

Fit: Relaxed with tapered leg and ankle cuff
Inseam: 28″
Fabric: Not listed
Features: Zip pockets

Pros: Perfect blend of style and comfort, tapered fit
Cons: Not as comfortable as some other joggers on our list

When it comes to hybrid comfort and style, it’s hard to do better than Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger. Our tester first encountered these joggers before Vuori put a stranglehold on the men’s athleisure market when Rob Machado took them for a spin in the first months of 2020. Shortly after, Machado went public with his relationship with Vuori, and the rest is history.

The Sunday Performance Joggers have more structure and a more tapered fit than the Ponto Performance Jogger, so they’re more suitable for dressing up. Vuori describes the fabric as a mid-weight, premium technical knit. They’re moisture wicking and have recycled content as well as a stash zipper on the thigh and butt. While these joggers are comfortable, their strength is maximizing style outside of the house. If comfort is your North Star, go Ponto.

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Best Joggers for Working Out

Nike Yoga Dri-Fit ($75)

nike men's joggers

Pros: Made from recycled materials, secure fit, moisture-wicking
Cons: Waistband isn’t super forgiving

Fit: Standard, tapered leg
Fabric: 92% polyester, 8% spandex
Features: Dri-FIT technology, hidden pockets

As a company that has built itself as a beacon of athletic performance, Nike should hit the mark when it comes to an athletic jogger. It does. Their Yoga Dri-Fit joggers are made of 75% recycled polyester fibers, and they are extremely comfortable and secure. The waistband is more rigid and less forgiving (read: less comfortable), but you know these pants aren’t going anywhere during a workout. The same can’t be said for other options on this list. If you want joggers you can workout in, these are breathable, moisture-wicking, and they stay-put. At $75, they’re not cheap, but for a premium product, they’re within the ballpark of higher end pricing.

Check Price on Nike Check Price on Amazon

Dressiest Joggers

Vuori Transit Jogger ($118)

men's joggers

Fit: Tailored, more modern fit
Inseam: 30.5″
Fabric: Not listed
Features: Zippered Pockets

Pros: Four-way stretchy, tapered fit
Cons: Scratchy fabric, tight waistband

We can’t imagine happily wearing these on the couch when there are so many more comfortable options available. These joggers live securely in the public-facing segment of the jogger population. With abrasion resistant, technical four-way stretch woven fabric, the texture is a bit scratchy to the touch, and the waistband is slightly tighter then other options. It’s more water resistant than a cotton or poly-cotton blend, and it has a more tapered fit.

Check Price on Vuori

Best of the Rest

Cozy Warmth

Patagonia Synchilla Fleece Pants ($129)

men's joggers patagonia

Fit: Regular fit
Inseam: 30″
Fabric: Recycled polyester double-sided fleece
Features: Zippered hand-warmer pockets

Pros: Super warm, quick drying
Cons: Not the most stylish, pricey

The key to a great pair of joggers is nailing comfort and style, and Patagonia’s Synchilla Fleece Pants has both in spades. On the comfort side of things, these joggers are made with Patagonia’s classic 95-100% recycled midweight polyester fleece, packing warmth and coziness with the fuzzy material. These joggers are super warm, perfect for winter days or evenings around the campfire. And the quick-drying properties of the Synchilla fleece is next-to-none.

Style-wise, the joggers feature a slightly looser version of the classic tapered look, though by no means baggy, with a contrasting back patch pocket and trims. They’re not necessarily something you’d wear for a night on the town, unless the style in that downtown trends camp/hike-chic, but no matter where you go their retro style is sure to grab some compliments.

Check Price on Patagonia Check Price on REI

Lightweight and Breathable

LIVSN Reflex Pants ($130)

LIVSN Reflex Pants

Fit: Standard, tapered leg with zip leg openings
Inseam: 30″
Fabric: 72% recycled polyester, 28% polyester Doubleweave
Features: lightweight and breathable fabric, ankle zippers, zippered pockets

Pros: Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable
Cons: Not everyone will love the ankle zips

LIVSN has been an up-and-coming brand recently, with their stylish and sustainable clothing for men and women. They tend to lean towards the active traveller/minimalist crowd, so you know every feature has been well thought out, from a variety of different perspectives. The Reflex Pants are no exception, with a sturdy waistband, relaxed but tapered fit that allows for a full range of movement from running to rock climbing, four zippered pockets (great for runners and travelers) as well as zippers at the ankles so you can pull these off over a pair of shoes (a boon for the more athletic users among us) and lightweight, stretchy fabric that is made from 72% recycled materials, moves with you and breathes incredibly well.

That last bit might actually be the biggest downside to this pair of joggers, as the super-lightweight construction that makes these pants great for running and other activities also reduces the coziness factor in chillier climes. However, the true minimalists among us will just say that makes them perfect for layering a pair of long underwear underneath, which we’d have to agree with.

Check Price on LIVSN

A Stylish Classic

lululemon ABC Jogger ($128)

men's joggers

Fit: Standard, tapered leg
Inseam: 32″-34″
Fabric: 53% recycled polyester, 47% Elastomultiester
Features: Waist-band can be worn inside or out, recycled features, hidden pockets

Pros: Stylish
Cons: Weird fit, pricey

These lululemon joggers were more stylish than comfortable. Our tester has also worn a few pairs of lululemon shorts, and knowing how absurdly comfortable some of their products are, these joggers didn’t hit the same fit milestones. They’re a solid option, and their fit and style might be more appropriate for a different body type, but in our tester’s assessment, a similar amount of money would go further when spent on the Ponto Performance Pant or the Sunday joggers.

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Warm and Versatile

Roark El Morro Fleece Pants ($79)

men's joggers

Fit: Standard, tapered leg
Inseam: 29″
Fabric: 68% Viscose, 27% Nylon, 5% Elastane
Features: Midweight fleece lined, mesh (zippered) pockets can act as air vents when open.

Pros: Fleece lining, zip pockets, super stretchy
Cons: a bit bulky, items fall out of pockets unless zipped

Roark’s got it dialed when it comes to comfortable surf-style clothing, and it shows in the El Morro Fleece Pants. These joggers meld a lot of different categories, with looks good enough to hit the office or get a drink in, a decent amount of warmth with the fleece lining, but not so much that you can’t wear these in warmer weather. That last aspect is helped by the pockets, which can be open to allow a breeze in through the mesh lining.

The stretch on these guys is outta this world for such a heavyweight pair of joggers, and with such a wide range of applications, from hanging on the couch to colder workouts, you’ll have trouble taking them off. Our main drawback with this pair of pants were the pockets, being designed for ventilation as well as storage, unless you have them zipped up, small items may fall out when you’re sitting down.

Check Price on Roark

Super Sustainable

Outerknown Warm Up Knit Joggers ($148)

outerknown men's joggers

Pros: Stylish, sustainably made
Cons: Exterior pocket design is weird, pricey

Fit: Standard, tapered leg
Inseam: 28″
Fabric: Recycled polyester blend
Elastic waistband, hidden and zippered pockets

From the mind of Kelly Slater, Outerknown is all about making functional clothing in the most sustainable way possible. Like most things from the brand, the Warm Up Knit Joggers deliver style and comfort and the thoughtful design is evident in each feature of the pants.

The neutral color scheme and tapered leg make these joggers look stylish enough to be worn at home and while you’re out and about. The material is comfortable, but no fuzzy interior or anything like that. The material is stretchy and moisture-wicking, which is great if you plan on wearing them for working out. The joggers have a couple hidden pockets and two exterior pockets with a water repellant zipper. While we appreciated the exterior pockets, the zipper design was a little intense and made it not quite as comfortable to slip your hands in and out of the pockets. At $148, these joggers are incredibly pricey but we appreciate their sustainable properties.

Check Price on Outerknown

Comparison Table

Jogger Price Best For Fit  Inseam Fabric
Vuori Ponto Performance Pant  $98 Best Overall Relaxed 29″ 89% recycled polyester, 11% elastane
Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant  $78 Runner-Up Best Overall Tailored 32″ 95% cotton, 5% “stretch”
Original Use Casual Fit Taper Joggers  $22 Best Value Taper with a casual fit N/A 80% cotton, 20% polyester
Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger  $98 Most Stylish Relaxed with tapered leg and ankle cuff 28″ N/A
Nike Yoga Dri-Fit  $65 Best for Workouts Standard, tapered leg N/A 92% polyester, 8% spandex
Vuori Transit Jogger  $115 Dressiest Joggers Tailored, more modern fit 30.5″ N/A
Patagonia Synchilla Fleece Pants $130 Honorable Mention Standard 30″ Recycled polyester double-sided fleece
LIVSN Reflex Pants $130 Honorable Mention Standard, tapered leg 30″ 72% recycled polyester, 28% polyester doubleweave
lululemon ABC Jogger  $128 Honorable Mention Standard, tapered leg 32″-34″ 53% recycled polyester, 47% Elastomultiester
Roark El Morro Fleece Pants $99 Honorable Mention Standard, tapered leg 29″ 68% Viscose, 27% Nylon, 5% Elastane
Outerknown Warm Up Knit Joggers $148 Honorable Mention Standard, tapered leg 28″ Recycled polyester blend

How We Tested

For this review, our testers set out to find the best pair of joggers – the athleisure staple designed for living, working, and playing. The Inertia’s fearless founder and leader, Zach Weisberg, led the charge. As a self-professed connoisseur of soft clothing and comfort, he tested joggers from seven different brands daily (well…almost. He did put actual pants on a few times) over the course of eighteen months in 2022, rated each on two critical dimensions (comfort and style), and feels highly confident in his recommendations. Over the past year, members of The Inertia’s gear team tested a few additional styles from Roark, Patagonia, LIVSN and others to update this article with the latest and greatest joggers to hit the market.

Ratings Table

Jogger Comfort Style Score
Vuori Ponto Performance Pant 10 8 9.2
Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant 8.5 9 8.7
Original Use Casual Fit Taper Joggers 8.5 8.5 8.5
Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger 8 9 8.4
Nike Yoga Dri-Fit 7 8 7.4
Vuori Transit Jogger 7 8 7.4
Patagonia’s Synchilla Fleece Pants 8.5 6 7.5
LIVSN Reflex Pants 7.5 7.5 7.5
lululemon ABC Jogger 7 8 7.4
Roark El Morro Fleece Pants 8.5 8 8
Outerknown Warm Up Knit Joggers 7 8 7.4

How Did We Calculate Each Jogger’s Rating?

Joggers are a simple product. First, they must be comfortable. That’s the most important quality that determines joggers’ fate in my wardrobe. If they sacrifice on comfort, we won’t buy them or wear them. Rather, we’ll wear a pair of actual pants.

Second, they must have some degree of style that elevates them beyond sweatpants. If they’re not flattering in some capacity, they’re not versatile, another key quality of the product. Consequently, we ranked each pair on two dimensions, applying a 60% weighting to comfort and a 40% weighting to style. It’s junk science, yes. But it’s a consistent grading rubric nonetheless, which enabled a necessary degree of standardization in a subjective assessment. So, if you’re looking for the most comfortable pair out there, without further ado, these are the best men’s joggers.

Best Joggers of 2024 Buyer’s Guide

What Are Joggers?

Put simply, joggers are elevated sweatpants. Outside of yoga pants, they’re the biggest winner in the athleisure and activewear revolution where comfortable, athletic clothing has creeped its way into every aspect of daily life. Where sweatpants have a sedentary, unstylish reputation, joggers add a bit of style and class to expand their function. Joggers work on the couch, at brunch, on a run, or at a bar (depending on the bar). Joggers accomplish this through a better tailored fit and the integration of more sophisticated materials. They’re not just cotton bags with a drawstring. Where sweatpants are baggy, joggers are not.

What Is the Best Material for Joggers?

This is debatable, and it depends on what you’re after. But considering comfort will always be king, great joggers require stretch. A polyester/cotton blend will most likely enable that comfortable stretch. Vuori also adds an elastane. Nike includes spandex. Each brand offers some stretch variation, and finding the right amount of structure versus stretch is ultimately where the magic lives.

Most Comfortable Joggers
Most Comfortable Joggers

The Ponto Performance Pant is the king of comfort. Period. We haven’t encountered a softer, more wearable pair of joggers. While they could benefit from a little more structure, these are the closest things out there to the perfect joggers.

Check Price on REI

Why Is the Waistband So Important for Joggers?

The waistband makes or breaks joggers. Too tight, and they’re unwearable. Too loose, and that’s a bigger problem. The best joggers evenly distribute tension across the full circumference of your waist to make them essentially float. The wider the waist band, the more evenly the the weight distributes, and often the better the fit. Examine the waistband carefully, as it will have an outsized impact on your experience.

Runner-Up Joggers
Runner-Up Joggers

Mack Weldon has nearly perfected the art of the comfortable waist band with the Ace Sweatpant. Their French Terry is extremely comfortable with slightly more structure for a jogger that works on the go as well as it does on the couch.

Check Price on Mack Weldon

What is the Best Cut for Joggers?

Since versatility is the primary distinction between joggers and sweatpants, great joggers require some degree of taper. The slimmer fit enables joggers to move from the couch to the bar. Also check the inseam measurements. Each brand runs slightly different in size, so a few self-measurements will go a long way to determining which brand fits your body best.

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