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Anna Gudauskas Sagebrush Bags

Anna Gudauskas’ Sagebrush Board Bags bring the style with reclaimed materials. Photo: Sagebrush Board Bags

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As surfers, the surfboard is our most prized possession and as such, we want to do everything in our power to keep it in pristine condition. While a ding is inevitable at some point, a solid board bag can help prolong the life of your board, and give you some peace of mind when traveling, whether it’s to your local break, a coastal roadtrip, or flying across the globe.

We took the liberty of acquiring and testing the best surfboard bags on the market, to give you our analysis and top picks for a variety of applications. For more detailed info on the bags and what we looked for in reviewing them, check out our Comparison Table and Buyer’s Guide towards the end of the article.

The Best Surfboard Bags of 2024

Best All-Around Surfboard Bag: Creatures of Leisure Adventure-Ready Shortboard Double
Best Surfboard Bag for Air Travel: Wave Tribe Hurricane Chaser Travel Bag
Most Protective Surfboard Bag: Db Djärv Surfboard Coffin
Best Day-Use Surfboard Bag: Creatures of Leisure Fish Day Use DT2.0
Best Bang for Your Buck Surfboard Bag: Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag
Most Affordable Surfboard Bag: Curve Boost Travel Bag

Best All-Around Surfboard Bag

roark x creatures of leisure surfboard travel bag

Creatures of Leisure Adventure-Ready Shortboard Double ($263)

Pros: Internal compression straps, ventilation system, padded straps
Cons: Not super heavy padding

If you’re looking for a rugged bag that will keep your board safe during long-haul trips, look no further than the Creatures of Leisure x Roark Adventure-Ready bag. Designed for lightweight, compact travel the board comes in three size options that securely hold your board in place while offering maximum protection. Featuring Diamond-Tech fabric, 10-mm closed cell foam protection, an expandable sidewall, 20 percent more protection on the nose/tail, marine-grade corrosion resistant zippers, a padded handle and shoulder strap, internal compression straps, an aero mesh ventilation system, and a limited edition cover, the Adventure-Ready bag has everything you could want in a good travel bag and more. With style points to boot, the Adventure Ready bag is the one we’ll be reaching for on our next globe trotting adventure.


Best Surfboard Bag for Air Travel

Wave Tribe Hurricane Chaser Travel Bag (From $260)

Wave Tribe Surfboard BagPros: Made from recycled materials, padded shoulder strap, padding on nose/tail
Cons: Not the most durable

At Wave Tribe, the goal is to offer a bag that is stylish, sustainably made, durable, and offers the maximum protection possible—the brand hit the nail on the head with the Hurricane Chaser travel bag. In an effort to be gentle on the environment, the bag is made from high-density recycled nylon and hemp, which keeps the board about 10 degrees cooler than a traditional bag.

Thoughtful exterior bag features include heavy-duty YKK zippers, a padded shoulder strap, heavy-duty handles, a zippered pocket, wheels, and breathable hemp. Interior features include 25 mm of padding on the nose and tail, a padded board separator to securely separate boards, and an interior pocket for stashing fins/leashes. The bag is available in nine different size options and is designed to comfortably hold two boards, making it perfect for overseas adventures. This bag recently accompanied our tester on a trip to Hawaii and it performed like a dream, with all of her gear arriving intact.


Most Protective Surfboard Bag

Db Djärv Surfboard Coffin ($449)


Pros: Wheels, semi-rigid ribs, pockets, compresses down for storage
Cons: Too large for day trips, only offered in one size, pricey

This bag is pretty incredible. It’s designed to hold three to four boards and the protection it offers is as good as it gets with tons of padding, semi-rigid ribs that keep your boards from getting squished, and  strategic pockets to stash your towels and clothing and create even more padding at the nose and tail.

Other features include custom wheels and a handle to make hauling easier. It also has a built-in hook up system, so you can attach it to other Db bags to make your airport endeavor smoother. Additionally, the bag has internal pockets for stashing leashes/wax, dividers to place between your boards, and strategically placed exterior handles to ensure baggage handlers are gentle when lifting your board. When you’re finished traveling, the bag compresses down to 30% of its size to make storage easier.

When it comes to bells and whistles, this one’s a winner. The only downsides to this awesome product is that it may be a little overkill for the casual surf-tripper who only wanted to take a board or two with them, and is certainly too bulky to double as a daybag. And at close to $450, those bells and whistles aren’t coming cheap. Finally, the bag is only offered in one size, that (just barely) fits boards up to 6’6″ in length. That said, if you need a super-protective surf coffin, this is as good as it gets. Read our full review here.

CHECK Price on Amazon

Best Day-Use Surfboard Bag

Creatures of Leisure Fish Day-Use DT2.0 ($140)

Pros: Expandable side wall, ventilation system, lightweight yet durable
Cons: Not reliable for international travel

If you’re looking for a day-use bag that offers a little extra protection, the Creatures of Leisure Fish Day Use may be the bag for you. The Fish Day Use is specifically designed for day-to-day usage with single board capacity for wider fun boards.

The bag is constructed from Diamond-Tech fabric, which is strong, water-resistant, and lightweight. The bag also contains Diamond-Tech 2.0 fabric on high stress areas for extra protection. Additionally, the Day Use bag includes 5mm closed cell foam protection, an expandable sidewall, marine-grade resistant zippers, a foam padded handle, a padded shoulder strap, a fin slot, and an interior pouch for stashing essentials. The bag also features an aero mesh ventilation system to keep boards cool, which we were big fans of as we tend to spend hours at the beach after a good surf session.  We really liked how lightweight this bag is while remaining durable. With generous zippers, the board slides in and out with ease and the shoulder straps makes it easy to carry on long treks to the beach.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag ($94)

Pros: Zippered fin slots, long zippers
Not enough padding for airplane travel

A hybrid bag designed for storage and transport, the Daylight is advertised as a day-use bag, but we think it’s sturdy enough for gentle travel as well. Created specifically for longboards, the Daylight offers heat and water-resistant coverage and full-length ¼ inch foam-padded ding protection. And, it’s available in both a longboard, and shortboard version.

Additionally, the bag features a heavy duty, YKK coil zipper, a zippered fin slot, a non-slip padded shoulder strap with a stash pocket, and a wax/fin pocket. We thought it was unique that this bag had a zippered fin slot as opposed to traditional Velcro ones—we found it easier to fit the bag snuggly around our fin. We also appreciated the plethora of pockets, and the padded shoulder strap was a nice addition for easy transport. Generously long zippers made it simple to slid the board in and out and a subtle camo design added a little extra flair. The only reason we would hesitate to use this bag for airplane travel is the lack of extra padding in the nose area—but it makes for a great day-use bag.

Longboard Version


Thruster Version


Best Budget Surfboard Bag

Curve Boost Travel Bag (From $80)

boost surfboard travel bagPros: Detachable shoulder strap, tail protection strap system
Cons: Body of the bag doesn’t provide great protection

Upon first examination, Curve’s Boost bag looks more like a day-use bag than a travel bag due to its compact design. However, upon taking a closer look, we noticed 20-mm boosted nose and tail foam zones that provide added protection during transport. Additionally, the bag features a 7 mm foam core, a 600D water-resistant canvas base, heat reflective silver tarpee upper, fin slot with Velcro closer, and a detachable shoulder strap. An especially unique feature of the bag is the Tail Protection Strap System, a built-in strap that allows you to firmly secure the board inside the pack. Although the body of the bag doesn’t provide as intense protection as other travel options, the price is right and the paddling is sufficient — you just may want to wrap some towels around your board for a little extra cushion.

Longboard Version
Fish Version
Shortboard Version

If you’re willing to spend a little more for the extra padding, the Curve Armordillo is an absolute tank with thick foam panels on the rails, nose, and tail. Buy the shortboard version here, and the longboard version here.

Best of the Rest

Runner Up: Best Day-Use Surfboard Bag

FCS Dayrunner All Purpose Cover (From $130)

Pros: High-density padding, 3D rail protection
Not ideal for airplane travel

Available in five size options and two colorways, the FCS Dayrunner cover is lightweight yet durable, making it ideal for transit to and from the beach. The bag features five-mm high-density padding, noncorrosive zippers paired with Velcro, an ergonomic shoulder pad, and an internal pocket for stashing fins or wax. Standout features include 3D rail protection that contours to the shape of the rail, an expandable fin wing that allows you to transport your board with or without the fin, and a contoured stretch fit that provides ventilation while simultaneously keeping the bag snug around your board. Although this bag is advertised as a day-use bag, it is extremely well made and raises the bar for day-use bags by being ultra padded and secure.


Longboard version
SUP version

Sagebrush Surf Bags ($140)

Pros: Stylish, sustainably made
Cons: No padding, no place to stash wax

If you have yet to hear of Sagebrush, it’s time to put them on your radar. From the mind of professional freesurfer Anna Gudauskas, Sagebursh offers eye catching bags created with the environment in mind. Available in a wide variety of prints and sizes, all of Sagebrush’s bags are handmade from remnant or vintage fabric and coffee bean sacks from organic, fair trade coffee roasters.

The style of these bags is similar to a sock, but they’re made from thick canvas, so they’re super easy to slide on and off while remaining durable. The material is much thicker than your traditional sock, so we feel confident that our boards will be protected in transit, when stacking it on the car, and during long beach days in the sun. While we wouldn’t use a Sagebrush bag for airplane travel (unless it’s stashed in a travel bag), our tester has been sporting a Sagebrush bag for years and is impressed by the durability. Made from remnant and vintage fabrics, it’s cool to know that each bag is available in extremely limited quantities, ensuring that you will have a unique bag. The only thing missing from this rad bag is a place to stash your wax!


Shred Surf Bag ($56)

Pros: Made from recycled materials, extra fleece on the nose, fins, tail, and side rails, machine washable
Cons: Day-use only, not enough padding for airplane travel

 For daily use, we prefer to keep our board in a light sock or bag. Our tester has tried a variety of different sock styles but has found that they are often difficult to slide on/off, so she finds herself gravitating towards canvas bags instead. Shred is a brand that flies a bit under the radar, but they make quality bags at an affordable price and we’re stoked to have discovered them.

Made from 100% recycled materials, Shred’s bags are a mix of 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled plastics. They are shipped in 100% recycled packaging via carbon neutral shipping (in the U.S.), so they’re gentle on the environment. The bags sport a protective interior design with double layered unbrushed fleece on the nose, fins, tail and side rails, so you can rest easy knowing there’s extra cushion where you need it. The bags also include a stowaway pocket for wax and other essentials, a drawstring closure, and UV protection. Should your bag get a little stinky, it’s machine washable so you can easily run it through a cycle and have it looking as good as new in no time. With a variety of patterns to choose from, we love the aesthetic of this bag and it seems sturdy and well made. When it’s time to travel overseas, our tester plans on stashing her board in her Shred bag before securing it in her travel bag for an added layer of protection. All and all, a super solid day-use option.


The Classic Boardsock (From $30)

the classic boardsock

Pros: Reinforced nose, velcro pocket
Sometimes difficult to slide board in/out, everything sticks to it

The Ho Stevie! Surfboard Sock is a super simplistic sock design. Available in three different color options, the sock offers an added layer of protection from sunlight and anything that could potentially ding your board. The sock is made from durable knit stretch fabric and has a reinforced nose for an added layer of protection. Additionally, the bag features a drawstring closer as well as a small, Velcro storage pocket for wax, keys, or any other small items you might have.

Like most surfboard socks, we occasionally had some trouble sliding the bag over our boards—we found it easier with shorter boards. Another thing we noticed was if you set your sock down in any sort of debris, like a leaf-covered yard, it acted like Velcro and we’d end up bringing a bunch of leaves and weeds home with us. That said, the Ho Stevie! surfboard sock has everything you’d expect in a solid surfboard sock for lightweight, day-use protection, and the price is right.


Comparison Table

Bag Price Use Eco-Friendly Materials?
Wave Tribe Hurricane Chaser Travel Bag $260 Travel/Day Use Yes
Creatures of Leisure Adventure-Ready Shortboard Double $263 Day-Use/Travel No
Db Djärv Surfboard Coffin $449 Travel No
Creatures of Leisure Fish Day Use DT2.0 $140 Day-Use No
FCS Dayrunner All Purpose Cover $130 Day-Use No
Sagebrush Board Bag $140 Sock-Style Yes
Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag $94 Day-Use No
Curve Boost Travel Bag $80 Day-Use No
Shred Surf Bag $56 Sock-Style Yes
The Classic Boardsock $30 Sock No

surfboard bags

You can’t go wrong with one of these great boardbags from Db, Dakine, Sagebrush, and more. Photo: Rebecca Parsons/The Inertia

How We Tested

Our lead tester, Rebecca Parsons, is a surfer based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, who has made it her mission to surf as many different waves in the world as she can, both at home in Hawaii, on roadtrips up and down the California coast, and on overseas trips. In 2022, she got her hands on each of the bags featured in this review (as well as some that didn’t make the cut), and since then has been storing and transporting her boards in them to get a feel for how they perform. Some have gone on trips close to home, and those made for air travel, she’s taken overseas to see how they held up, and how well they protected her precious surfboards. As surfers and wave-chasers, other members of The Inertia’s editorial and gear team have done additional testing of products on this list, like the Wave Tribe Hurricane Chaser, which has been a favorite of Senior Editor Alex Haro’s for years now, and the Db Djärv which has accompanied Gear Editor Will Sileo on a number of trips to and from his home in California and the Hawaiian Islands. We continue to test these bags, as well as any new products to hit the market, and will keep this article updated with the latest and greatest based on our experiences with the products.

For each bag, our main considerations were the type and level of protection it offers, how easy it is to transport, and the ease of use. We rated each bag on these three metrics, as well as taking into account additional features, and the various pros and cons related to the design of each bag.

Rating Table

Surfboard Bag Overall Protection Transport Ease of Use
Creatures of Leisure Adventure-Ready Shortboard Double 9.7 10 10 9
Wave Tribe Hurricane Chaser Travel Bag 9.7 9 10 10
Db Djärv Surfboard Coffin 9.7 10 10 9
Creatures of Leisure Fish Day Use DT2.0 9.3 9 10 9
FCS Dayrunner All Purpose Cover 9 8 10 9
Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag 8.3 9 8 8
Curve Boost Travel Bag 8 8 8 8
Sagebrush Surf Bags  8.3 9 7 9
Shred Surf Bag  7.3 7 7 8
The Classic Boardsock  6.3 7 6 6

What Makes a Good Board Bag?

The most important feature of a board bag is how well it is able to protect your stick. Although there are different types of bags available at different levels of protection, we expect the bag to provide the type the protection advertised. For example, a day bag should provide ample protection for trips around town but we wouldn’t expect it to hold up on an overseas flight. A travel bag, on the other hand, should do its due diligence and keep our board protected on a long haul trip. Before purchasing a bag, we take into consideration what kind of travel we will be doing with it and then consider the features it offers.

Traveling with boards is a challenge and such, features that make the board easier to transport are always appreciated. If it’s a shortboard bag, a padded shoulder strap is a plus. If it’s a longboard bag or a bag for multiple boards, wheels are a game changer.

Ease of Use
This may sound like strange criteria as surfboard bags are fairly straightforward in their design, but we want a bag that is easy to slide/off. If you’re anything like us, you’ve found yourself in a parking lot, wrestling with your board bag or sock, banging your board around in the process, and wondering if you would have done better had you left the bag at home. When we’re in the market for a board bag, we consider whether it will slide on and off easily, regardless of if the board is wet or dry. If it’s a more fitted bag, we considered zippers and how far down they go to make sure it’ll be easy to use.

It's hemp! And you could drive a tank over it! surfboards bags

The Wave Tribe Hurricane Chaser has been a long-time favorite at The Inertia. Here’s Senior Editor Alex Haro with one in 2017. Photo: Alex Haro/The Inertia

What Are Some Other Factors to Consider?


Size is super important. You want a bag that fits your board snugly, to ensure maximum protection. But you also don’t want to be wrestling your bag each time you use it to try and get your board to fit. It’s a bit of a Goldilocks scenario. In general, a good rule of thumb is to order a bag that is a little longer than your board. If you’re ordering a board online, check the length, width, and thickness of your board and order accordingly. Length will determine which size bag you order and width and thickness will determine the style (for example, a 6’2” fish isn’t going to fit into a 6’2” shortboard bag).


Like surfboards, a good board bag doesn’t come cheap and as such, we want one that is going to last. For those bags we want to accompany us overseas, bags aren’t always handled with care at the airport, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a bag that is made from a durable material. Although it’s possible to find bags at an agreeable price point (see our top picks for value and budget, above), it’s worth spending a few extra bucks to ensure you’re not buying a board bag made of cheap fabric that’s going to quickly fall apart.

Extra Storage
Although it’s not essential, it sure is nice when a bag comes with a Velcro or zippered pockets to stash your fins, leash, wax, etc. For travel bags especially, it’s nice to have a generous amount of pockets for organizing all your surf-trip essentials, but for something like a sock, all we need is a little pocket to store some wax or our keys.

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