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Best Women's Snowboard Pants Burton Kimmy 3L Bib

The Kimmy 3L Bib from Burton is our pick for the best overall women’s snowboard pants of 2024. Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

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Finding the perfect pair of pants is paramount in snowboarding, where the right gear can make or break your experience. From conquering powder-packed descents to navigating the terrain park, snowboard pants are more than just a barrier against the cold – they’re crucial to your performance and comfort on the mountain. This 23/24 season, we got our hands on more than a dozen of the most highly rated women’s snowboard pants and bibs on the market, and put them to the test in a variety of conditions this El Niño season in Park City, Utah.

We split our testing into two categories: insulated and uninsulated, and looked at both pant and bib options for each. So, whether you’re a park enthusiast or powder-hound, a backcountry explorer or just enjoy cruising groomers, read along as we share the top performers in women’s snowboard pants for 2024. Your perfect pair awaits – let’s dive in.

To see the pants side-by-side, check out our Comparison Table, and for more information on what to look for in a solid pair of snowboard pants, see our Buyer’s Guide.

The Best Women’s Snowboard Pants of 2024

Best Overall Bibs: Burton AK Kimmy GORE‑TEX 3L Bib Pants

Best Overall Pants: OR Snowcrew Pants

Best Budget Bibs: REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Bib

Most Stylish Bibs: Trew Gear Chariot Bib PRIMO

Best for Backcountry: Backcountry Cottonwoods GORE-TEX Bib Pant

Best Overall Bibs

Burton AK Kimmy GORE‑TEX 3L Bib Pants ($670)

Burton AK Kimmy GORE TEX 3L Stretch Bib Pant

Weight: Not listed
Best For: Backcountry/resort

Pros: Great mobility and breathability, stylish color choices
Cons: Suspender straps are tough to adjust, pricey

Notably, the color of the Burton Kimmy Bibs received many compliments as our gear tester had fun on the slopes, making them a standout choice. The 3L Kimmy Bib Pants are functional and a joy to wear (see the buyer’s guide section below for more info on 2L vs 3L). In 2024, these bibs stand out as the best overall choice for riders seeking the perfect blend of performance and flair. Crafted from ultra-lightweight and highly breathable stretch GORE-TEX three-layer fabric, these bibs were great for accessing remote reaches in deep conditions.

The three-layer shell design provides unmatched versatility, creating a lightweight shell perfect for layering according to the weather. As riders, we loved the details like zip vents, a drop seat with adjustable suspenders, and a cut designed for fluid movement, so we spent more time riding and adjusting less.

The pocket array on these bibs are a game-changer, featuring a beacon loop, zippered chest pockets with a built-in device pocket and a media port, secure cargo pockets, and zippered hand-warmer pockets. These bibs are our practical friends, and also a statement piece, adding a touch of fun to your snowboarding attire.

The only downside we’ve found is that the suspender straps have a stopper, so you can’t adjust one of the straps. This was an issue for our gear tester because she has a short torso, leaving extra bagginess around her waist and shins. They also come in at a fairly high price-point. Read our full review of the Burton Kimmy Bibs here.


Best Overall Women’s Snowboard Pants

OR Snowcrew Pants ($229)

OR Snowcrew Pants

Weight: 22.4 oz
Best For: Resort

Pros: Comfort-forward and properly fitted for full range of motion, extra insulation helps riders stay warm
Cons: Small and minimal pockets

The Snowcrew Pants from Outdoor Research feature a breathable and fully seam-taped shell, ensuring optimal protection in all resort riding scenarios. Synthetic insulation provides warmth without the bulk, creating a comfortable and cozy feel, perfect for cold-weather adventures.

Our gear tester is a die-hard bib wearer, but these pants might have her changing her mind. These pants are the epitome of top-tier gear for those who prioritize staying warm and dry without compromising mobility or range of motion. The unparalleled comfort – like wearing a cloud – sets them apart. These pants kept us warm and dry on many a cold, windy, and snowy day.

However, just like the jacket counterpart, while the Snowcrew Pants are exceptional, the limited storage options and relatively small pockets may be a consideration for those who prefer more carrying capacity. Nevertheless, if you prioritize comfort, warmth, and cutting-edge design, the Snowcrew Pants are the best overall pant choice for your snowboarding adventures. 


Best Budget Women’s Snowboard Pants

REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Bib ($199)

REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Bib Snow Pants

Weight: 27 oz
Best For: Resort

Pros: Lightweight feel despite being insulated, great mobility and minimized bulk allowing riders to move freely, surprisingly breathable
Cons: Suspender straps can be an issue for certain heights

The REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Bibs are your go-to budget-friendly option for warmth, mobility, and sustainable performance. Engineered with a Peak 2-layer waterproof/breathable shell, these bibs take it to the next level with critical seam-sealed protection to keep you dry and comfortable in varying conditions.

Our tester wore these in knee-deep powder on a warm day that should have left her soaked. However, the durable water-repellent (DWR) finish warded off all signs of moisture (see the buyer’s guide section below for more info). The light insulation layer ensured efficient warmth without the typical bulk. The best part? The price, proving that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a fantastic day on the slopes. With that in mind, these are certainly more of a resort bib than a backcountry one.

A note on the fit: The adjustable elastic straps and belt loops allow you to customize your fit. But our gear tester was not tall enough for the straps to stay on her shoulders, so she had to turn them into a crisscross on the back. Keep an eye on sizing when you purchase.


Most Stylish Women’s Snowboard Pants

Trew Gear Chariot Bib PRIMO ($499)

Trew Gear Chariot Bib PRIMO

Weight: 31 oz
Best For: Resort/backcountry

Pros: Stylish design stands out on the mountain, well placed pockets make for convenient storage and ensures riders have easy access to belongings
Cons: Depending on the color, it could get dirty quickly

The Trew Gear Chariot Bib PRIMO is our top pick for stylish outerwear. This bib combines premium, eco-friendly materials and bomber construction. The best part is the fit and the length options. They have a women’s-specific ‘modern freeride fit’ which offers a relaxed style, room for layering underneath, and a figure-flattering silhouette. 

Standing at 5’7 ft tall, our gear tester often finds that bibs are too long, but Trew, unlike most bibs, offers short and tall cuts for every size of bib they offer (as well as plus-sizes). The short length fit our tester perfectly without leaving all that extra bunched-up fabric at her boots. Additionally, the butt zipper, designed for quick bathroom breaks, proved to be nice, adding both convenience and practicality. The color of the bibs garnered a lot compliments on the slopes, showcasing the stylish design. 

One quick note on the color: With these bibs, pay attention to the color, and if you get down and dirty on the slopes, pick a darker option that doesn’t show dirt as clearly. We like to push our limits, and the frosty bibs we tested ended up a bit dirty after a couple days of wear. Luckily, Trew has many color options, so you can choose one that fits your needs. 

Side Note: For those aiming to elevate their style, Trew Gear offers a matching jacket for every pair of bibs they sell. This thoughtful touch allows you to seamlessly blend fashion with functionality, making a bold statement on the slopes.


Best Backcountry Bibs

Backcountry Cottonwoods GORE-TEX Bib Pant ($399)

Backcountry Cottonwoods GORE-TEX Bib Pant

Weight: 30 oz
Best For: Backcountry/resort

Pros: Removable bib upper adds versatility for the backcountry, great durability and super functional with plenty of vents/pockets
Cons: The left-side zipper on the bib can be a tad finicky during reattachment

The Backcountry Cottonwoods made us feel invincible – nothing is breaking through the thick and durable material. Crafted with a robust GORE-TEX membrane, these bibs provide unparalleled waterproofing and breathability, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in the harshest conditions.

These bibs are also versatile with the detachable bib zipping off, offering a convertible pant/bib style that adapts to your preferences. An updated waist zipper simplifies pit stops, while stretch suspenders and a back panel enhance overall comfort and mobility, allowing you to navigate the mountain with ease.

These were especially perfect for those early morning tours when we wanted to unzip to optimize airflow for the hikes and ample pockets made access to our equipment seamless. Sizing runs large for layering, allowing you to customize your fit for optimal comfort. Consider sizing down for a more form-fit or stick with the roomy feel – it’s your choice. We chose to stay true to size and loved the roomy feel.

One thing to note – the left-side zipper on the bib can be a tad finicky during reattachment. Though a minor inconvenience, the Cottonwoods GORE-TEX Bib Pant’s overall performance, fit, and functionality make them the ultimate choice for backcountry terrain. Whether cruising through deep powder or scaling ascents, these bibs are your trusted companion for a season of adventure.


Best of the Rest

Best Insulated Bibs

Flylow Sphynx Bib ($325)

Flylow Sphynx Bib

Weight: 23 oz
Best For: Resort

Pros: Extra insulation provides more warmth in the cold and gives them that extra soft and cozy feel, stylish colors
Cons: Fit is a bit skewed – baggy in the waist, a bit long and tighter fit around the chest

Meet the Sphynx Bib – a game-changer for women who run extra cold and refuse to compromise style for warmth. Our gear writer, who runs notoriously cold, found her winter solution in the Sphynx Bib. The micropuff insulation is the hero of the design, providing unparalleled warmth, making these pants perfect for even the coldest days on the slopes. The coziness factor is on point, and the insulation delivers the promised warmth for those who need it most.

Say goodbye to unflattering or non-stormproof options, the Sphynx Bib has a 10k/10k waterproof breathable membrane, providing a shield against the elements. The high-performance DWR ensures lasting water repellency, while features like zippered reach-through kangaroo pockets on the bib, zippered thigh pockets, and jean-style back pockets offer both functionality and style.

However, as many reviews suggest sizing up, sizing can be a consideration. While the insulation is impeccable, we found that sizing up led to a baggy fit from the waist down. Additionally, the bibs rode too high on the chest for our shorter-torso tester, and unbuckling them for removal due to a snug fit at the top can be inconvenient.

Despite these considerations, the Sphynx Bib remains the go-to choice for top-notch insulation without sacrificing style and stormproof functionality. With these, you pick warmth, comfort, and a bold look with the Sphynx Bib – because staying cozy in the cold should never mean compromising fashion.


Runner-Up Most Stylish

Jones MTN Surf Recycled Bibs ($430)

Jones MTN Surf Recycled Bibs

Weight: 26.4 oz
Best For: Resort

Pros: Pockets make access to personal items easy and accessible. The fit leaves extra room for layers and does not compromise on style
Cons: Not the most easy-moving fabric

The Jones MTN Surf Recycled Bibs are your all-day, every-day, all-weather partners for moving through the resort or short trips into the backcountry.

Now, let’s get real. I’m head over heels for these bibs. All those pockets, especially the deep one for my phone? Game-changer. The fit is roomy without feeling like I was drowning, and the legs are the perfect length, virtually unheard of for our tester. The light insulation? It’s a sweet touch. And the bibs pair perfectly with the MTN Surf Jacket.

All that said, the bibs feel a bit stiff, messing with our mobility, and getting the cuffs over boots was harder than it should have been. Still, they snagged a close spot for the most stylish – flaws and all.


Best Eco-Friendly Pants

Patagonia Women’s Storm Shift Pants ($399)

Patagonia Women's Storm Shift Pants

Weight: 24.27 oz
Best For: Resort

Pros: Eco-friendly pants ensure riders can enjoy high-performing gear while being environmentally responsible
Cons: Material is noisy as you move

Ride in style and comfort with the Patagonia Storm Shift Pants. Made from GORE-TEX material without any funky chemicals, the Storm Shift Pants are like a second skin – waterproof and windproof, with a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish that says no to harmful stuff. The unique liner is so good, keeping you warm and kicking moisture to the curb so you can focus on shredding, not worrying about the weather.

And let’s talk fit – these pants are all about a refined, snug feel without cramping your style. Clean styling meets technical features, making every move on the mountain feel natural and easy. They’re not just functional, they’re flattering,

The one thing we noticed about these pants that was slightly irritating was the swishy sound the pants made when we moved. All waterproofing is likely to have some sound to it, and most of the time, it goes unnoticed, but these were the first pants with which we noticed the sound. It’s not a deal breaker, though!


Best Budget Shell Pants

Burton Avalon 2L Stretch Bib Pants ($260)

Burton Avalon 2L Stretch Bib Pants

Weight: Not listed
Best For: Resort

Pros: The extra stretch and breathability makes movements seamless and extremely comfortable
Cons: Sizing

Life’s better in bibs, especially for beginners. The stretchiness and mobility of the Avalon Bibs are unmatched, catering to the extra movement needed for those new to the snowboarding scene. The soft material ensures a cozy feel, while the breathability keeps you comfortable in any weather. These bibs are where ease meets excellence on every run.

We found these bibs to be ideal for learners. The slim fit and rider-specific features, such as the stretch back panel, zippered drop seat, thigh vents, adjustable suspenders, and fully taped seams, ensure optimal mobility and less time spent adjusting gear. And the price most certainly is right.

For a more comfortable day on the slopes, consider sizing up. The extra room is nice for added mobility as you maneuver around the mountain and can be helpful on those colder days when you want to add an extra layer but still feel that ease of mobility. 


Flylow Foxy Bib ($430)

Flylow Foxy Bib

Weight: 21 oz
Best For: Resort/Backcountry

Pros: These bibs not only look good, but perform well
Cons: Fit is a bit skewed – baggy in the waist, a bit long and tighter fit around the chest

The Flylow Foxy Bib Pants are our ultimate choice for those early mornings when the snow report is all that matters. These bibs are a snow enthusiast’s dream, offering unmatched weather protection and versatility for the backcountry or resort.

The dedicated bib design ensures that deep snow doesn’t sneak in, while fully sealed construction provides a water-tight seal – because staying dry is non-negotiable. But it’s not just about weatherproofing; the Foxy Bibs are the cool kids on the mountain, widely adored by lady shredders everywhere. Why? Because they’re cute and functional! These bibs are packed with technical features that every snow lover needs. The stretchy, waterproof, breathable fabric kept us comfortable. At the same time, the kangaroo chest pouch was perfect for stashing our chapstick and snacks.

Similar to the Sphynx Bibs, the biggest hit these bibs take is the sizing. The reviews say to size up. We found that led to a baggy fit from the waist down. Additionally, the bibs rode a bit high on our tester’s shorter torso, making them feel too long. 


Runner-Up Best Insulated Pants

The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant ($220)

The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant

Weight: 20 oz
Best For: Resort

Pros: Powerful insulation provides warmth for those extra cold days.
Cons: Bulky

We took The North Face Freedom Pants out for a spin, and they delivered on their promises, keeping our legs warm and dry. These pants are your winter sidekick and are well-equipped for the elements. 

Our gear tester runs cold, so these were the perfect pair of pants to take out on a frigid morning. If you are someone who needs that extra layer of warmth, then these are for you. They are true to size and comfy, but we’ll be honest – they’re bulky. The added bulk and weight aren’t a dealbreaker, but this is something to consider if you prefer lighter and swifter movements. Also, if you run on the warmer side, we recommend going with a less insulated pair of snowboard pants.


Comparison Table

Pants Price Weight Insulation Shell/Waterproofing
Burton AK Kimmy GORE‑TEX 3L Stretch Bib Pants $670 Not listed No GORE-TEX 3L
OR Snowcrew Pants $230 22.4 oz Yes, VerticalX Eco Polyester Ventia 2L
REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Bib Snow Pants $199 27 oz Yes, 40 g Polyester 2L Peak
Trew Gear Chariot Bib PRIMO $499 31 oz No 3L PRIMO
Backcountry Cottonwoods GORE-TEX Bib Pant $399 30 oz No 3L GORE-TEX
Flylow Sphynx Bib $325 23 oz Yes, 40 g Spaceloft 2L Intuitive
MTN Surf Recycled Bibs $430 26.4 oz No 2L 100% recycled polyester
Women’s Storm Shift Pants $399 24.3 oz No 2L recycled GORE-TEX
Burton Avalon 2L Stretch Bib Pants $260 Not listed No 2L DRYRIDE
Flylow Foxy Bib $430 21 oz No 3L Recycled Tactic softshell
The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant $220 20 oz Yes, 60 g Heatseeker Eco 2L DryVent

Best Women's Snowboard Pants Layout

Some of our top picks on a powdery testing day in Park City. Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

How We Tested The Best Women’s Snowboard Pants

Our gear writer, Becca Murphy, tested these pants in Park City, Utah, subjecting them to diverse terrain and ever-changing weather. From deep powder days to sunny groomer sessions, Becca pushed these bibs to the limits. Her research spanned the internet and friend recommendations, ensuring only the best made the cut for testing. Rain, snow, wind, and freezing temps – she tested them all.

Gear Writer Becca Murphy grew up in Bend, OR, where she first learned to ski at age five at Mt. Bachelor. She then transitioned to riding at the age of eleven and fell in love with the freedom a board provides. Her passion for snowboarding and the outdoors landed her a job in ski marketing, allowing her to get out and ride almost daily. Becca also has a podcast called The Blue Rose Podcast, which focuses on women in the outdoors and athletics. With this, she is very interested in snow sports as she interviews professional skiers and snowboarders. Becca is a seasoned snowboarder and has put these pants through the paces, ensuring that our recommendations are based on real-world experiences and an intimate understanding of what riders genuinely need. 

Becca tested the gear wearing consistent base layers for the most effective comparisons. Each bib received a thorough evaluation, with ratings out of 10 for Durability, Breathability/Ventilation, Pockets/Features, and Comfort, factoring in fit considerations. While waterproofing is a given, it’s still acknowledged, and pants style, though subjective, is highlighted with top picks. 

Editor’s Note: For more in-depth reviews of the top snowboard gear in the industry, check out our guides to: The Best Snowboard Jackets (men’s), The Best Snowboard Pants (men’s), The Best Snowboard GogglesThe Best Snowboard MittensThe Best Snowboard BootsThe Best Snowboard Socks, and The Best Snowboard Bags. Curious about the brands behind it all? Check out The Best Snowboard Brands. Looking to protect your head? We’ve reviewed Ski and Snowboard Helmets, too. And if you’re open to considering outerwear from more ski-oriented brands, it’s definitely worth checking out our Best Ski Jackets and Best Ski Bibs reviews.

Best Women’s Snowboard Pants Ratings Table

Bib/Pant Overall Comfort Durability Breathability/ Ventilation Pockets/ Features
Burton AK Kimmy GORE‑TEX 3L Stretch Bib Pants 9.5 9 9 10 10
OR Snowcrew Pants 9 9 9 8 9
REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Bib Snow Pants 8.5 9 8 8 9
Burton Avalon 2L Stretch Bib Pants 9 10 8 9 9
Trew Gear Chariot Bib PRIMO 8.75 8 10 8 9
Backcountry Cottonwoods GORE-TEX Bib Pant 9.25 8 10 9 10
Flylow Sphynx Bib 7.75 9 8 7 7
MTN Surf Recycled Bibs 8.25 7 9 8 9
Women’s Storm Shift Pants 7.25 8 7 7 7
Flylow Foxy Bib 8 8 8 8 8
North Face Freedom Insulated Pant 7.25 8 7 7 7

Best Women's Snowboard Pants Jones MTN Surf Bib

Jones’ MTN Surf Bib pairs perfectly with the MTN Surf Jacket. Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

Best Women’s Snowboard Pants Buyers Guide 

Choosing the perfect pair of snowboard pants for the terrain and weather involves considering key factors that ensure you stay warm, dry, and stylish on the slopes.

Insulation vs Shell: Finding the right balance of warmth in the stop-and-start world of snowboarding can be tricky. It’s a dance of feeling cold on the lift and then too warm when in motion. Insulated pants with synthetic fill are a go-to choice for riders seeking extra warmth – affordable and effective even in wet conditions.

However, the coziness of insulated pants does come with a catch – breathability and versatility take a hit. The built-in insulation might leave you feeling a bit sweaty, especially on warmer days. While thigh vents provide some relief, weighing your comfort is crucial, especially if you run cold or frequently ride in freezing temperatures. Standout models on this list include the Flylow Sphynx Bib, REI Co-op Powderbound Insulated Bib and the OR Snowcrew Pants.

Patagonia Best Women's Snowboard Pants

OR’s Snowcrew Pants provide top-tier comfort and are surprisingly breathable for an insulated pair of pants. Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

Shell pants, exemplified by Burton AK Kimmy GORE‑TEX 3L Stretch Bib Pant, Trew Gear Chariot Bib PRIMO and Backcountry Cottonwoods GORE-TEX Bib Pant bring versatility and breathability. Their lack of insulation lets you layer up or down based on conditions, making them perfect for changing weather and personal preferences. Whether it’s a mild day or you tend to run warm, shell pants are the ultimate choice for all-around comfort and style on the slopes.

Breathability: Utah’s diverse terrain demands pants that breathe well. Whether cruising the resort or tackling backcountry adventures, breathability is key to regulating temperature. Ensure your pants allow fresh air to flow, preventing discomfort from temperature swings. This feature is especially vital when hiking or skinning.

Comfort: Comfort is non-negotiable for optimal performance. Well-fitting snowboard pants enhance your riding experience, allowing seamless movement. Steering clear of clunky gear ensures you focus on shredding instead of dealing with distractions.

Trew Chariot Bib for The Best Women's Snowboard Pants

Trew’s Chariot Bib comes with pockets galore. Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

Pockets: Pockets are your trusty sidekicks and should be just the right size and easily accessible. Find a balance between spaciousness and sleekness to carry essentials without hindering mobility. Quick open-and-close functionality is crucial for those on-the-go moments on the mountain.

Warranty/Repair: Shredding might lead to wear and tear, but fear not – many brands offer repair services and lifetime warranties. Whether you prefer a lifetime warranty or are fine with a limited one, knowing your options ensures your gear lasts.

Best Women's Snowboard Pants Backcountry Cottonwoods Bib

Backcountry’s Cottonwoods Bib comes with a burly 3L construction. Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

What’s the Difference Between 2L and 3L Material?

So, when it comes to shell fabric in your snow gear, the big question is whether it’s rocking a 2L or 3L construction. Now, what the heck does that mean? It’s all about the layers that make up the outer shell of your gear.

In a 3L setup, this extra layer of fabric cozies up to the waterproof membrane on the inside, forming one piece of fabric. It’s like the waterproof membrane has a buddy, adding some breathability and a streamlined feel. On the other hand, 2L gear also has that third layer, but it’s not glued to the membrane, which might make it a bit bulkier and usually less breathable. Some 2L ski bibs go for a mesh liner here to improve breathability. 

Going all-in with a 3L setup is fantastic for hardcore activities like backcountry adventures, giving you top-notch breathability and that sleek shell vibe. But if you’re rocking it at the resort, it might be a bit extra – unless you’re all about that added breathability for warm days or while tearing it up on the slopes.

What’s a DWR Finish?

What is a DWR finish? It’s like the superhero waterproof treatment that keeps water from soaking into your gear’s first layer. But here’s the catch – it’s not forever. Over time, that treatment can wear off, and suddenly, your gear isn’t as water-repellent as it used to be. Bummer, right? But fear not! You can revive that water-repellent magic with a spray-on or wash-in treatment. Your gear will thank you; you’ll stay dry and fly on the mountain. 

Patagonia for The Best Women's Snowboard Pants

Patagonia offers one of the best warranties in the game. If you ever need to get your snowboard pants repaired, they’ll take care of you. Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

Taking Care of Your Snowboard Pants

Taking care of your snowboard pants is essential to keep them lasting through many seasons and adventures. Here are some simple steps to ensure your pants stay in top-notch condition:

Storage: Handle your pants with care during storage. Tossing them in the backseat may lead to unnecessary wear. To preserve the waterproof coating, hang them up in a warm and dry place. Avoid stashing them outside in the elements to maintain peak performance.

Repairs: Most companies offer repair policies, so take advantage of them! Don’t let a small issue snowball into a bigger problem due to procrastination. Embrace repair marks as a badge of honor—they show your gear is getting the love it deserves. Repairs are not only budget-friendly but also contribute to sustainable practices.

Washing: Follow the tag’s instructions, but generally, opt for cold water and liquid detergent instead of powder. If using the dryer, go for a low-temperature setting. A gentle ironing (not too hot!) can also reactivate the waterproof coating.

Waterproofing: The DWR waterproof coating may wear off over time, so consider reapplying a waterproof treatment periodically. Test a small area first to ensure the desired effect. Different products work better for various fabrics, so read the instructions. The frequency of this treatment depends on your riding habits, once every 100 days or so should suffice.

By following these tips, you’ll keep your women’s snowboard pants in great shape, ensuring they’re ready for every shred-worthy moment. 

Snowboarding in the Jones MTN Surf Jacket and Bibs

Happy shredding! Photo: Jack Loosmann/The Inertia

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, any of these pants and bibs would be perfect on the slopes. That’s why they made the list. We’ve put a bunch of pants to the test over the years, and these are the cream of the crop. Sure, we’ve outlined the pros and cons to give you the whole picture of your shopping journey, but that’s mainly to ensure there are no surprises with the gear you pick. We vouch for each bib on this list as a fantastic choice to keep you cozy, shielded, and rocking your A-game in the snow.

Happy riding, babe!

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