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Tactica M100

The Tactica M100 is a multi-tool that you might actually use.

The Inertia

I am not a person who likes to travel with a whole bunch of stuff. For that reason, I’m a big fan of all-in-one things — little, useful things that fit in little, useful bags and do useful things. When you’re on a far-flung trip, carrying a full toolset isn’t exactly the best option, but all too often I find that I need a tool of some kind. I recently opened a little package that contained a multi-tool that will forever reside on my keychain: the Tactica M100.

It’s a relatively small gadget, designed for ease of use. Contained within its tiny frame is a heavy-duty socket insert, a wrench that’ll fit a host of different sized nuts from 3/16″ to 9/16″ or, for the metric-minded handyman, 5 mm to 14 mm, a package opener, a light socket insert, and of course, the ever-important bottle opener. It’s made from an engineered composite material so it’s not breaking any time soon (and if it does, it comes with a lifetime warranty), it weighs a little over an ounce, it’s got a tiny little ruler on it, and it has a chamber to keep a few of the replaceable drives (I keep a Phillips-head and a hex in mine because the Phillips seems to be the most common screw and the hex replaces that fin key you have almost certainly lost). And perhaps best of all, it’s compliant with TSA regulations, so the guy frisking you at airport security isn’t going to take it from you.

Tactica M100

It has functions! Image: Tactica

The M100 is a wonderful tool for a person who sees a loose screw and feels the need to tighten it. Of course, if you have a full tool kit kicking around at home, you’ll likely open that up, but for quick fixes along the way, the M100 is a handy little thing that fits in your pocket. The whole thing is built to use all available space in the smallest space possible, and it does a fantastic job of doing it. Use it to make adjustments to your snowboard bindings, switch the fins out in your surfboard, or just to tighten those random loose screws that are all over your bike. It isn’t however, without fault.

Of course, it would be beneficial if it had a knife blade on it, but then it wouldn’t be TSA compliant. The ruler measurements aren’t marked, so unless you know your inches and centimeters by heart, it’s basically useless. The ruler marks are also, curiously, on the inside edge of the device instead of the outside. But if you’re looking for a handy, lightweight multi-tool to replace that brick of a Leatherman you’re carrying around, Tactica’s M100 might be a good fit.

You can buy one here.


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