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Heybike Tyson on beach

The Heybike Tyson is an e-bike that meets or exceeds all expectations. Photo: Heybike

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E-bikes are gaining serious steam. More and more these days, you’ll get passed by someone pedaling gently while their bike carries them along at an incredible rate of speed. They’re all over the place, from Trestles to just about anywhere else a bike can go, and the number of e-bikes on the roads is increasing daily. It’s a tough market to navigate, though — there are a million and one options, ranging in price and specs. We’ve covered a lot of them here on The Inertia, but there are plenty more to look at. So here’s one more: the Heybike Tyson.

The Tyson is a slick-looking e-bike. Coming in a variety of different color ways, the thing is a foldable e-bike made from a single piece of magnesium alloy. It was recently unveiled to the public at CES 2023, which is a tech event and proving ground for new technologies, from e-bikes to AI. The Tyson won the Best Of CES this year, standing up against many other competitors. I’ve been riding it around town for the last few weeks, giving it a good solid test, and here are my thoughts.

Pros: Cons:
Easy to assemble Takes nearly 5 hours to charge fully
Carries up to 400 lbs Electric acceleration lags slightly
Foldable to fit in most car trunks Battery weight of 9.35 lbs
Relatively affordable at $1,699 Awkward to carry when folded
Hydraulic disc brakes Slow using pedal power only

First Impressions

When I first got the Heybike Tyson, I didn’t expect that I’d have to assemble it myself. Unpacking it from the box, it looked like a daunting task. Everything was zip-tied together, covered in protective wrapping, and multiple small boxes of tools and screws were included. But within a few short minutes, I realized that the Heybike Tyson was designed to be incredibly easy to put together. Simply unfold the bike, get the wheels on, screw on the pedals, and insert the seat and handlebars into their tubes. Then plug a few wires in and you’re ready to ride. It looks like something out of the future: sleek and matte black with gold lettering – it’s an eye-catcher without being too obvious about it.

Best For

The Heybike Tyson is a rugged e-bike with fat tires that can handle rough terrain. It also comes equipped with a hydraulic front and back suspension, which ensures a comfortable ride on the trails, gravel roads, or even riding down stairs. Like most e-bikes, the Heybike Tyson shines on those shorter trips to the grocery store, especially with its 400-pound load limit. That too makes it a great little vehicle to double up on, which my niece absolutely loves. I’ve picked her up from school a handful of times on it, and the ride home is a lot more fun than just driving a car.

Notable Features

The Heybike Tyson has a lot of great features. With a 48V 15Ah battery, it’s a Class 3 e-bike. With pedal assist, Heybike claims it can carry you for a solid 55 miles, although I haven’t ridden it until the battery dies just yet. The 400-pound load limit is a lot for an e-bike, and as I mentioned before, it’s handy to be able to carry multiple things on the back.  Using a 750W brushless gear motor, the Tyson boasts an impressive 40-mile range without pedal assist and a top speed of 28 mph on flat ground. It also has turn signals, a super-bright headlight, and easy-to-use display that can be linked to a smartphone app that includes battery status, mileage, and even navigation.


The Heybike Tyson also has a few nice little add-ons that are well worth it. The rack on the back is solidly built and can comfortably hold my fiancé when we feel like doubling. The front and rear lights are, as mentioned, bright enough to both see well ahead of you and make you are super visible to any vehicles that may be coming up behind you in the dark. The turn signals are a nice touch, too, given the fact that the Tyson goes fast enough to travel with traffic. Adding to the front and rear suspension is a seat post shock absorber as well as a handlebar shock absorber, so your ride is almost weirdly smooth. There are also a plethora of upgrades to choose from that fit most Heybikes, including panniers, saddle bags, and baskets.


No e-bike is perfect, because everyone has different preferences. I did notice a slight lag in acceleration after you kick into pedal assist, but it’s only about a half-second. The fenders, which are made from plastic, seem slightly rickety and tend to tilt slightly one way or another, but so far they haven’t moved enough to begin rubbing on the tires. When it comes to charging the battery, while it does have an external charging port, should you want to bring the battery inside without bringing the whole bike with it, removing the battery requires unfolding the frame, which is a little awkward.

In Summary

The Heybike Tyson is a fantastic e-bike for someone who needs one to make life a little easier. With a 55-mile range, you’re likely able to get all your errands done on it, then take it home and plug it in for the night. Five hours from a dead battery to a full one might seem like a long time, but if you plan your trip and know an approximate distance, it should be easy enough to get your things done or simply go for a joy ride before taking it home to plug it in. The $1,699 price is reflective of some of the more middle-of-the-road e-bikes, but we found the Tyson gives a little more bang for your buck than most others in the same class.

Additional Specs

Recommended height: 5’5″-6’6″
Load capacity: 400 lbs.
Handlebar Height: 47″-52″
Stand Height: 29″
Top Tube Length: 24″
Battery: 48V 15Ah

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