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SurfEars 2.0

Your anti-ear-infection apparatus just got a facelift.

There’s virtually nothing more bloody annoying and painful than an infected ear canal full of water. It can bring you to the edges of sanity, not to mention keep you out of the water for days on end (which in itself is enough to throw you off the deep end). The earplugs available these days are often ineffective and fall out way too easily, and replacing them can leave a substantial dent in your wallet.

A few months ago we found relief in a revolutionary product that promises to keep water out while allowing sound in. Simply put, they actually worked and they never fell out. That product, however, just got a new facelift. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new and improved weapon to combat surfer’s ear: SurfEars 2.0.

The first thing you will notice about SurfEars 2.0 is the unique design. They look a bit like something you would see in a science fiction space movie, but unlike a worthless movie prop, these things are fully functional. Let’s get to the new and improved specs, shall we?

SurfEars 2.0

Keep water out. Allow sound in. It’s genius.

When compared to their first design, the engineers over at SurfEars have managed to increase the area of the sound channel by a whopping 72 percent, and the surface area of the acoustic mesh by 32 percent. The result: better hearing. You no longer have to be that loner in the lineup who’s not talking to anyone because he or she can’t hear. I was that guy for years. It was terrible.

As previously mentioned, one of the most common complaints about most earplugs these days is their frequent failure to stay secure while surfing. SurfEars 2.0 has increased the number of contact points from the wing to your ear, allowing for an even more secure fit. Additionally, the newest product includes a leash in case they do fall out. Personally, I don’t use the leash, as the plugs alone are secure enough as is.

SurfEars 2.0

Lastly, one of the most unique features of SurfEars is the convenience of a user’s ability to find a customized fit. The product comes with two sizes of wings and three sizes of buds. They come in a handy storage case so you won’t loose them. To conclude, SurfEars makes a quality product that is effective, comfortable, and, most importantly, affordable (roughly $50 USD). Say goodbye to water blockage and ear infections!

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