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Bethany Hamilton is a lot of things. She’s a surfer. A shark attack survivor. A mom. A role model. On top of all that, she knows her way around the kitchen and is all about making healthy, nutritious food for herself and her family.

During the long, hot days of summer, many of us gravitate to frozen treats like ice cream or popsicles. While delicious, most ice cream is packed full of sugar. As a professional athlete, Hamilton knows the importance of avoiding too much of that. In the above video, Hamilton and her family share how they make their healthy banana “ice cream.” If you’re looking for a sweet treat to cool off with this summer, look no further.


-Two cups frozen bananas (cut into chunks)

-Half cup frozen coconut milk (cubed or chopped)

-Sea salt (just a sprinkle)

-Half teaspoon vanilla extract


-Throw everything in a blender or food processor

-Blend until creamy

-Put your “ice cream” in a bowl and add toppings like fresh fruit, nuts/seeds, chocolate, or anything else your heart desires



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