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The Inertia

Ain’t no shame in eating plants. None at all. And if you’re not aware, the world’s most decorated big wave surfer, Mr. Greg Long, quit the meat train about ten years ago. His decision was mostly for medical reasons after getting a parasite down in Mexico, but Long, ever the curious fellow, dug a bit deeper into the mystifying world of food manufacturing and decided that the changeup was a permanent one.

And if you’ve ever eaten one of his veggie burgers, you’d understand why. They’re delicious. And, for the meatlovers of the world, they kinda look like beef paddies. Everyone wins.

So since it’s basically summer and all, and the barbecues are heatin’ up, here’s a healthy recipe for a five-star veggie burger straight from your favorite big wave surfer, Greg Long. If this fuels a dude who calmly pulls into barrels that could house small helicopters, then it’ll probably work for you, too. Here’s what you need:


– Quinoa
– Lentils
– Black Beans
– Carrots
– Beets
– Curry Paste
– Kung Fu Tonic (an elixir we hadn’t heard of, but it looks like a pretty badass all-natural immune booster)
– Chia Seed

And probs some friends. And if you don’t have any, don’t worry. They’ll be easy to come by if you keep making them veggie burgers.


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