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The Inertia

Nate Florence is a guy who likes to punish his body in order to deal with the punishments the ocean can hand out. He does this by surfing waves that most wouldn’t, of course, but when he can’t do that, he works out. And he works out hard. This particular workout had an alternate reason: to honor a veteran.

On April 29, 2007, Travis Manion lost his life on a mission. Manion was in the 1st Recon Battalion. While searching for a suspected insurgent house in the Al Anbar province of Iraq, he and his fellow Marines were ambushed. After his death, Manion’s family set up The Travis Manion Foundation in his memory.

“As he led the counterattack against the enemy forces, Travis was fatally wounded by an enemy sniper while aiding and drawing fire away from his wounded teammates,” the Travis Manion Foundation wrote. “His courageous acts allowed every member of his patrol to survive. For his actions, Travis was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star with Valor.”

The foundation develops programs, training opportunities, and sets up events that are “designed to empower veterans and families of the fallen, and then inspire them to pass on their values to the next generation and the community in general.”

Nate is inspired by the selflessness of people like Manion, and the workout you see above was created to bring a bit of awareness to people like him. “Travis’ motto was ‘If not me, then who?'” Florence wrote. “He led a life of selflessness and leadership. Hope you can check out this epic organization and spread the word about his life and ultimate sacrifice.”


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