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Yoga Stretch

Photo: Daniel Stark

The Inertia

As sad as it sounds, technology has practically eliminated the need to move your body. The convenience of everything, coupled with the mentality of instant gratification, has resulted in a population that just isn’t moving like they once were. That chronic lack of movement and joint mobility is going to create serious problems down the road. And for those who don’t worry too much about the future, that lack of mobility is also severely limiting your capacity at this very moment—especially while surfing.

If you can’t move well in the water, you can’t be strong in dynamic positions, which will lead to a lack of power. Your body has the capacity to move the way you want it to, you just have to train it. The truth is, surfing requires a lot of movement, and the more the movement capacity, the bigger your foundation is to work on skill. Here are a few basic stretches to reorient yourself with your body.

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