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"Daisy is an amazing kid who has gone through more than most go through in a lifetime," said Dean Plumlee, national director, Christian Surfers United States.

The Inertia

World-renowned surfboarder shaper Al Merrick needs our help.

His eight-year old granddaughter Daisy is battling cancer for the third time after six surgeries, 22 rounds of chemotherapy and two courses of radiation. Merrick, who has given so much to the surfing world for the last four+ decades, now needs his surf community to rally behind him and help fundraise to cover costs for Daisy’s next bouts of treatments that include chemotherapy and potentially a stem cell transplant with progressive treatments in America and Israel. Costs not covered insurance are estimated to be a $500,000.

On Sept. 1, organized paddle-a-thons are taking place on the coastlines in California, Hawaii, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida in support of Daisy’s incredible strength she has displayed in her young life. The goal is to fundraise for her next surgeries, bouts of treatments and to help find a cure for this disease.

Pro surfers are stepping up to lead their own paddle-a-thons including C.J. Hobgood will be leading a paddle at his surf camp in Avon, N.C.; Will Tant in N.Y. and Matt Beacham in Wilmington, N.C.


“If you have ever touched a surfboard or have surfed you owe a great deal to Al and his immediate family. I’m stoked to be able to get our surf family together to help one of our own. I’ve followed Daisy’s story for a while and am touched by it,” said Hobgood.

Courtney Conlogue, who will also be paddling in Huntington Beach, Calif. to support the cause added, “It’s an honor and privilege to participate in this event to help support Al Merrick and his family in raising funds for Daisy. It’s so wonderful to see how the surf community has come together at important events such as Paddle for Daisy I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone join me on Saturday morning.”

Daisy“Daisy is an amazing kid who has gone through more than most go through in a lifetime,” said Dean Plumlee, national director, Christian Surfers United States, who is the organizing body behind Paddle for Daisy. “The surf community has come together to support the Merrick family because of the tremendous impact that Al has had in the industry over the last 43 years, and our goal through this national paddle-a-thon on Saturday is to build awareness and fundraise for the upcoming courses of treatment for Daisy.”


Thanks to the generous contribution of $80,000 by Deckers Outdoors, the Merricks are currently in Israel receiving treatment for the aggressive and reoccurring Wilms Tumor.

Donations for Daisy are tax deductible through organizers Christian Surfers, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization at www.paddlefordaisy.com. You can also text “DAISY” to 56512 to donate $10 to the Merrick family.

Other ambassadors include pro surfers Bethany Hamilton, Tom Curren, Rob Machado, Damien Hobgood, Sage Erickson, Nate Yeomans, Matt Pagan, Kai Lenny, Lakey Peterson, AJ Neste and Aaron Chang.

Paddle for Daisy partners include Channel Islands Surfboards, Christian Surfers, Sector 9, Roxy, Quiksilver, Nixon, Foam, Cobian, DC Shoes, Hurley, Spy, Surfline, Dakine, Cobian, Surftech, Eric Arakawa Hawaii, Walking on Water, Walden Surfboard, Greco Surf, eco skin care, Give by Cell, Surf Expo, Transworld Business, On A Mission, Surf Station, Proctor Surfboards, Christian Surfing Federation (CSF), B4BC and the Boardroom.

For the location of your nearest paddle-a-thon or to make a donation, go to www.paddlefordaisy.com.

For information about Daisy’s progress and to read about her current journey in Israel, you can read her family’s blog at www.prayfordaisy.com.



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