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I’m not going to spend time telling you why each one of the  aforementioned foods is bad for you, as I see that as redundant, but the message to take home is that those foods aren’t good for you body, aren’t good for your tummy, and play some role in exciting the inflammatory processes. If you’ve got chronic joint pain, it’s time to make some dietary changes, and that list is a good place to start.

Foods That Kill Inflammation

Food can be one of the quickest roads to health. This should be heavily understood at this point by anyone who has been following my blog. What you put in your mouth is one of the primary factors in your overall health and well-being. With that being said, there are food choices that can help positively impact systemic inflammation and have properties similar to those of the major pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, and they’re natural!


Turmeric, Ginger, Oregano: These little spice powerhouses have so many studies showing their benefit in mitigating inflammation that they should absolutely be included in your diet on a consistent basis if you’ve got some systemic inflammation, learn to cook with them!

Pineapple: It contains a substance called bromelain that is an enzyme which can help stop inflammation. This compund is actually widely used in many arthritis medications.

Papaya: It contains a digestive enzyme called papain which helps to reduce inflammation and help your digestion (which is probably wrecked from crappy food and pain killers)

Kiwi: It’s a cheap and excellent source of vitamin C (along with pineapple and papaya), and gives you lot’s of anti-oxidants which are necessary to offset systemic inflammation.

Grassfed beef: Quality raised meat has a very beneficial ration of omega3 to omega6 which is very beneficial to halting the inflammatory cascade your painful little joints are going through.


Salmon: Similarly as with grass fed beef, cold-water fish tend to have a higher concentration of omega3 fatty acids.

Bone Broths: Learn how to make these! They are so ridiculously simple to make, and they deliver so much nutrition and healing properties that I insist every one of my clients start making and consuming them. Bone broths offer up easily digestible nutrients and minerals, a list of amino acids, gelatin and collagen structures, help to heal your stomach, and are just damn good. so make them

Veggies: Come on, grow the fuc% up and eat your veggies.

Sleep! Sleep is essential for all your bodily systems to function optimally, and has a direct effect on your mental and physical health. It is during sleep that your recovery and repair processes take place. If you’re not getting adequate, deep sleep, you’re not healing and recovering as well as you could be. Get some sleep. This can have far reaching benefits besides helping to heal that chronic joint inflammation.

There you go. Start learning how to incorporate these foods into your diet, get healthier, cut out the garbage you’re eating, heal your digestive tract, and stop hurting in the surf.

Eat clean, provide your body with nutrients it needs to do what you want in life, and go get pitted!

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