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Tommaso Bordoni

Tommaso Bordoni

The Inertia

Climbing has an odd fascination with firsts. As in, first to summit (insert mountain here) with (insert weird thing here). You can dive through the Guinness Book of World Records and you’ll see there’s no shortage of odd and unique firsts kept on record. For example, there’s a record for the highest-altitude pizza delivery (Pizza Hut delivered to the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2016). There’s also a record for the fastest a person has walked up Mount Kilimanjaro backward (24 hours, by the way).

This year, a 32-year-old Belgian tailor added a unique first to a long list of climbing records: the first to climb Mount Kilimanjaro wearing a three-piece suit. Tommaso Bordoni is the founder and owner of his own brand, BORDONI, which specializes in bespoke suits, tuxedos, and more. A fan of quality fabrics, Bordoni specifically picked out a fabric from Scabal — a high-end textile brand often used for high-end tailored suits — to build his blue suit and overcoat used on the trek. He even wore a necktie the whole time, to top it all off, with his best friend at his side in his own matching suit.

“When Tommaso called me to tell me his crazy idea I immediately proposed I would accompany him,” Alexander Gilen said of the trip.

I love suits, so I love this.

“My goal is not to break records or set new standards, but to inspire others to push boundaries and achieve the seemingly impossible,” Tommaso said. “Representing a brand that prides itself on personalized and bespoke clothing, I also promote a message of individuality and self-expression.”

If you’re wondering, Bordoni does make tuxedoes, so maybe that’s how he’ll one-up himself after this.


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