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The Inertia


Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by our partners at Mammoth Mountain.

For those of us who’ve spent any time in a mountain town, we know: despite housing issues, employment opportunities (or lack thereof), and snow in June (sometimes), we’d do anything we can to stay there for life. Because the life-style is where it’s at. The powder days, the park laps, the apres opportunities with good friends we just rode powder or the park with. And that’s before we even get to summer. Taking advantage of everything the mountains have to offer is why we really live in these beautiful places. The shred life is the life.


Welcome to “Lifers,” where we profile real people living real lives in mountain towns. First up? Ashley Strauss, a Mammoth Lakes, California local who’s living in the Eastern Sierra for some of the same reasons listed above. To snowboard and take advantage of what the Sierras have to offer. And that’s a lot.

Ashley works at the infamous Wave Rave snowboard shop, an iconic piece of Mammoth history. She gives us a glimpse into her daily life. And from the looks of it, it’s pretty damn good.


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