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Editor’s Note: This feature is presented by our partners at Mammoth Mountain.

To get to ride with Andrew Miller in the backcountry is to see a master at work. I count myself among the fortunate who’ve been able to do that – we got out a couple of years ago while working on a film. In my mind, his eye for a fantastic shot is unparalleled. He just knows where to be and what an image is going to look like before ever touching the camera. That takes talent. And experience. He has both.

“Just don’t get any snow in that panel,” he said to Scott Barber and I as we moved across the ridge to set up for our own angle. Andrew wanted the line to look perfect, pristine even, for the athletes who were about to send it. And he had no trouble taking charge. He’s more than earned it. His photos have been published in every snowboard publication on Earth and he’s traveled the globe to get them, from the Himalayas to Europe to Japan and beyond. He’s by far my favorite photographer in snowboarding. And I feel like his work stands up to the best lensmen in any outdoor genre.

But there’s nothing like seeing a true artist work from home. We caught up with Andrew Miller in his hometown of Mammoth Lakes, riding his home mountain. He let us into his world for a bit, told us his story, let us know what matters to him. And like looking into the lives of Chris Burkard or Jimmy Chin or Art Brewer, knowing what goes on behind the lens adds so much  breadth to his work. Here, Andrew takes us into his world, his life in the Eastern Sierra. That life has evolved a bit since his early days of non-stop barnstorming with different snowboarding crews. But it’s certainly not any less rich.

Find more of Andrew Miller’s work here. 


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